Smile, it’s the first Donkey Week of 2021

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Chiefs Focus @ChiefsFocus Charles Robinson @CRob5769

Am I the only member of the Kingdom that felt like football didn’t exist last weekend? Figuratively speaking, of course. There was plenty of good pigskin to go around last week, from an exciting Raiders/Cowboys game on Thursday (not much else to discuss from that day) to a Friday and Saturday jam packed with excellent college football games, to a full slate on Sunday, we were definitely blessed. But it just feels different when the Chiefs aren’t playing. It was a lot like hearing about a party you didn’t get to go to – sounded fun, glad your friends had fun, but really at the end of the day you wish you were there. 

Well, the boys are back, and they’re still in first place. With a little help from the Donkey we will square off against in prime time this Sunday, the Chiefs enter the weekend with the lead in the AFC West, and currently sitting in 4th place in a suddenly wide open AFC playoff picture. A win on Sunday would go a long way in continuing to drive home the point the Chiefs have been making on the field their last 4 games – they’re back, and they’re dangerous in all three phases of the game. 

We’ll get to a full on review and analysis of this matchup later on in the week, but for now let’s take some time to see how our boys spent their bye week and holiday week. 

That’s a whole lot of good doing and selflessness right there, folks. It’s certainly the season of giving and being thankful. We in the Kingdom should all remember to be thankful for not only having one of the best football teams in the NFL to watch every Sunday, but also for the quality of the men that comprise that roster. Some fan bases do not have the luxury of a steady, character driven locker room full of players to root for, and this time of year is a good reminder of the fact that we have just that in Kansas City. Really helps you understand how ridiculous all the fan chirping on Instagram and Twitter earlier in the season actually was. It feels like we’re lightyears away from that at this point in the year. The Chiefs have spent the last week handing out love and giving back to the community we all call home, now let’s gear up for them to start handing out L’s to their opponents over the next 6 weeks and taking back the AFC and the Lombardi. 

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