Red Fridays at the Retirement Home – New Years Eve Edition

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New Years is always a great time to sit back, reflect on the year that was and the year that is going to be, and most importantly – indulge in a buffet of football action. Between college football bowl games and the stretch run of the NFL, it really doesn’t get much better than this weekend. But for the non-football side of our lives, it’s a time of new beginnings. Over the next 24 hours, thousands of people across the country are going to make promises to themselves, resolutions if you will, that will go half realized, half forgotten. Going to hit the gym every day in 2022? Wait until you see the crowds that are in there tomorrow morning. Plan on saving a bunch of money? Better hope the inflation and supply chain crisis end somehow. That’s enough cynicism for this blog, I truly wish you all the very best in 2022, and I hope that your New Years resolutions lead you to a happier, healthier, and more fruitful life. After all, 2022 has to be better than 2020 and 2021, right? …..right? 

I myself have a few New Years resolutions that I’d like to share with you guys. Some are Chiefs related, some are life related. While I’m almost positive 99% of you don’t really care what I’m planning for 2022, I can assure if you keep reading you’ll be right there with me on some of these. 

  1. Get married. This one is (almost) a guarantee. I can almost because I, like most men, are prone to doing dumb shit. I hope that I don’t do anything dumb enough for her to realize exactly how big of an idiot I am. But I’m already engaged to the love of my life (shoutout B), and our wedding is set for this April. Mostly paid for. Those of you planning the same thing, or those planning to pop the question in 2022, understand one thing – weddings are f*cking expensive. You have been warned. But, if you find the right one, it’s all worth it. 
  2. Not get another dog. We already have 3. With two of us living in a house with 3 dogs, we’re already playing zone defense. It’s only a matter of time before our dogs figure out the cover 2 just like Patrick Mahomes has this season. When that happens, we’re in trouble. And there could be 1, if not 2, dogs for sale. Stay tuned to the blog for potential classified ads. 
  3. Buy a new house. This is all contingent on me not bankrupting myself on the wedding I mentioned in resolution 1, as well as the housing market cooling down. I love my current neighborhood, but it’s an older neighborhood. Older neighborhood means adult trees, and adult trees mean extensive leaf cleanup in the fall. Couple that with a neighbor that doesn’t clean his leaves up (you know who you are), and you’ve got a rivalry as heated as Chiefs/Raiders. I need a new subdivision with saplings and the ability to have a leaf blower simply in case of emergency, not as a necessity.  
  4. Expose and bring to justice every Chiefs hater in the national media. The seeds for this one have already been planted. If you missed it earlier in the week, you should check out our Mount Rushmore of Bad Chiefs Takes blog. We’ve set the stage for several rivals (looking at you Stephen A, Skip, Marcellus, Ryan, Michael, and Colin), but there are many, many more who need to be brought to trial for their insanely short sighted crimes of gas baggery. As the Kingdom continues its run, it will be done. 
  5. Watch the Chiefs hoist Lombardi number 3. This, of course, is everyone’s hope and dream for early 2022. The journey continues this Sunday with a paramount matchup against the Cincinnati Joe Burrows. Sorry, the Bengals. I got confused because of all the media attention Joey B has gotten after throwing for 525 against a team with 0 cornerbacks. We’ll break that down further in our game preview, but we have a huge one on Sunday. 

Betway. Those are only a few of my resolutions for 2022. There are more, yes, but they’re more personal and I don’t want you to stop reading this before we even get to the picks. Last week was what I would classify as “just ok”. We went 9-7 straight up, and 10-6 ATS. Those numbers are good enough to get you a wild card berth, though! For the entirety of our picks this year here at the retirement home, we’re 73-42 straight up (63.5%) and 68-47 ATS (59.13%). Can’t go broke taking a profit. On to this weeks .

Rams (11-4) @ Ravens (8-7) : LAR -4; O/U 47 Betway

As much as I want to pick against the Rams and continue my Rams are frauds tangent, I can’t. Could they still be frauds? Potentially. I will say this – I don’t think the Rams stand much of a chance in the NFC playoffs, and I don’t think they’re the best team in their own division. But the Ravens are just too banged up. There is the aspect of a west coast team going east and playing an early game (10 AM Pacific time), but I don’t really think that matters with as much as these players focus on their fitness and bodies these days. No Marlon Humphrey, no Marcus Peters, and Anthony Averett has banged up ribs against a Rams passing attack that looks to be dialed in. Matt Stafford still makes Matt Stafford bafoon plays (see 3 picks last week), but the Rams have too much firepower for a Baltimore team that still doesn’t know if Lamar Jackson will play this week. I’ll take the Rams to essentialy bounce the beaten up Ravens from the playoffs this week. 

LAR 30, Baltimore 21  (Rams -4; Over 47Betway

Falcons (7-8) @ Bills (9-6) : Buffalo -14.5; O/U 44 Betway

Consistency vs. inconsistency in this one. The Bills have been one of the more Jeckyl and Hyde teams this year. Wins over the Chiefs, Patriots buoy a resume that otherwise is not that impressive. They have been very good against bad teams, and not great against good teams outside of those two wins. The Falcons, on the other hand, haven’t beaten a team with a winning record yet. With this one being on the road in Buffalo, in January, I don’t see a dome team coming in and winning. I also don’t see Buffalo covering a completely confusing 14.5 point spread in this one. Much closer than the experts predict. 

Bills 21, Falcons 17 (Falcons +14.5; Over 44Betway

Raiders (8-7) @ Colts (9-6) : Indianapolis -6.5; O/U 44.5 Betway

Vegas does not seem to care if Carson Wentz is questionable to play after being placed on the reserve/COVID list earlier this week, and I’m not talking about the Raiders. The line in this goes to show you that the Colts are going to beat teams with the running game and playing defense. I mentioned on the Chiefs Focus 1st and 10 show last week, the Colts are the scariest team in the AFC outside of Jackson County, MO. Their defense is long, athletic, and flies to the football. With Jonathan Taylor toting the ball behind that savage offensive line, the Colts should win this one pretty handily over a Raiders team that somehow still has a pulse in the AFC playoff picture. Not for long, though.  

Colts 28, Raiders 17 (Indianapolis -6.5; Over 44.5Betway

Dolphins (8-7) @ Titans (10-5) : Tennessee -3.5; O/U 39.5 Betway

What a terrible over/under for two teams that last week looked like they have it figured out offensively. Finally. The Titans looked good last week, I’m pretty sure AJ Brown is still catching passes. The Dolphins Tuscaloosa south connection appears to be alive and well, too, with Jaylor Waddle breaking out during the Phins 7 game winning streak. The Kingdom will joining the TuAnon and be dawning teal and orange on Sunday, as a Titans loss coupled with a Chiefs win would clinch the 1 seed for your Kansas City Chiefs. This blogger is trying to will that into existence with this pick. This will be a great game. 

Dolphins 24, Titans 23 (Miami +3.5; Over 39.5Betway

Buccaneers (11-4) @ Jets (4-11) : Tampa Bay -13; O/U 45.5 Betway

With several great matchups, you’re bound to have some snoozers. This is snoozer 1 of the day on Sunday. Tawmmy and the Bucs should roll in this one, even with several defenders out with COVID. 

Bucs 34, Jets 17 (Tampa -13; Over 45.5Betway

Jaguars (2-13) @ Patriots (9-6) : New England -16.5; O/U (42) Betway

Snoozer 2. Great chance for the Pats to get back on track following 2 consecutive losses on the heels of a 7 game winning streak. The Pats will simply bring too much heat, and we all know how rookie QBs do against Bill Belichick defenses. Matthew Judon might get 4 sacks in this one. If I’m Jacksonville, I would consider shelving Trevor Lawrence for the season to try to get his mind right, and keep his body right, going into his second year. This year is a wash. 

Patriots 31, Jaguars 10  (New England -16.5, Under 42Betway

Eagles (8-7) @ WFT (6-9) : Philadelphia -3; O/U 45 Betway

Who is the real Washington Football Team? Is it the team that looked chippy, reeling off 4 wins in a row to stay in the playoff hunt, or is it the team that’s lost the last 3 in a row and found themselves on the outside looking in? I want to say it’s the 4 wins in a row team, and we will be able to tell this Sunday as they will have a roster that’s not entirely ravaged by COVID against the Eagles. But give Nick Siriani and the Eagles staff some credit. They have transformed their offensive mentality from a pass first, no real identity team to a team that is going to run the ball, knows you know it, and does it anyway really really well. Even with Miles Sanders out, Boston Scott and Kenneth Gainwell have proven they can effectively run the ball, as can Jalen Hurts. And you still have Devonta Smith to take the top off of the defense in the passing game. I think Philly is actually a pretty good team, and I think they take a step closer to getting to the playoffs ahead of schedule this weekend. 

Eagles 27, WFT 20 (Philadelphia -3, Over 45Betway

Giants (4-11) @ Bears (5-10) : Chicago -6; O/U 37 Betway

Snoozer 3. A hilariously low over/under for a NFL game. This feels like it should be the 11 AM matchup on Thanksgiving Day. I don’t really want to spend much time here with a full slate of games on Sunday, so let’s just say Bears because Mike Glennon is the Giants QB. Deal? 

Bears 17, Giants 10 (Chicago -6; Under 37 somehowBetway

Broncos (7-8) @ Chargers (8-7) : LAC -6.5; O/U 46 Betway

For someone who was anointed the second coming of Peyton Manning earlier this year, Justin Herbert sure hasn’t blown many people away the last few weeks. He played solid against the Chiefs, but these guys just got completely embarrassed by the Texans. The Texans. The Chiefs might have broken the Chargers with that walk off Travis Kelce mushroom stamp on Thursday Night Football in week 15. The Broncos are teed up to just run the ball down the Chargers weak run defenses throat, and they should do just that. I am not going to act unbiased here – I hate both of these teams and I wish they could both lose. But I want to protect the sanctity of Patrick Mahomes standing as the best QB not just in the AFC West, but in football. So, sorry Herby. 

Broncos 31, Chargers 27 (Broncos +6.5; Over 46Betway

Texans (4-11) @ 49ers (8-7) : San Francisco -12.5; O/U 43.5 Betway

This just feels like an opportunity for the 9ers to sandblast the Texans. Houston has won 2 straight, and put up 71 combined points in those games, but the 49ers are at home and are frankly a much better football team. After a close loss to the Titans last week, I expect San Fran to bounce back with healthy doses of Deebo Samuel and George Kittle. The only risk here is the 9ers getting Jimmy G’d again, but I think they can withstand that against a sorry Houston team. 

49ers 33, Texans 20 (San Francisco -12.5; Over 43.5Betway

Cardinals (10-5) @ Cowboys (11-4) : Dallas -6; O/U 51.5 Betway

The Cardinals have taken the Rams place as the most fraudulent team in football. They did the exact same thing last year : started hot, ended poorly. This team was 8-1. 2-4 in their last 6, including 3 straight losses – one to the Lions. This has gone from bad to worse for the Cardinals, as they’ve lost control of the NFC West and now are hoping for the Rams to stumble and to hang on to a wild card berth. Dallas, on the other hand, just scored like 300 points on the WFT last week and look to be cruising into the playoffs. Dak and the gang are humming on offense and Micah Parsons, Trayvon Diggs, and the defense look to be right there with them. Dallas is dangerous, and should keep the pedal down this week. 

Cowboys 30, Cardinals 23 (Dallas -6; Over 51.5Betway

Panthers (5-10) @ Saints (7-8) : New Orleans -6.5; O/U 37.5 Betway

Another hilariously low over/under and Snoozer 4. What’s worse – Trevor Siemien/Taysom Hill as your 2 QB options, or Cam Newton/Sam Darnold? We’ll find out Sunday. Saints defense is good, we’ll just say they’ll win because of that. Weird score watch is one. 

Saints 18, Panthers 12 (Carolina +6.5; Under 37.5Betway

Lions (2-12-1) @ Seahawks (5-10) : Seattle -7; O/U 42 Betway

Snoozer 5! Man, this is great! Seattle looked a little alive before Nick Foles stole their mojo last weekend in Chicago. Read that again and pretend it’s not 2016. You can’t. Honestly don’t know which way to go in this one, but since I know a scout for the Seahawks, I’ll pick with my heart. 

Seahawks 23, Lions 21 (Detroit +7; Over 42Betway

Vikings (7-8) @ Packers (12-3) : Green Bay -7; O/U 46.5 Betway

Sean Mannion starting for the Vikings on Sunday Night Football. Great chance for you guys to get all of your Christmas decorations taken down before the season finale of Yellowstone. 

Packers 35, Vikings 20 (Green Bay -7; Over 46.5Betway

Browns (7-8) @ Steelers (7-7-1) : Cleveland -3.5; O/U 41 Betway

Pittsburgh just got absolutely ran out of town in KC last weekend, and Cleveland should have had a chance to at least tie the Packers in spite of Baker Mayfield’s 4 pick day. That was PI, I don’t care who you’re a fan of. Big Ben’s likely last game in Pittsburgh will be an emotional one, no doubt. This seems like a game that one team will shoot themselves in the foot late to lose, and I just feel like it’s more likely Ben than Baker at this point in their careers. Truly a toss up here. 

Browns 23, Steelers 21 (Pittsburgh +3.5; Over 41Betway

There you have it. That took way longer than I expected. We’ll be back tomorrow for the Chiefs/Bengals game preview plus some bonus content to get you through to Sunday. Betway

From all of us here at Chiefs Focus – have a very happy and safe New Year!

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