The Rams Super Bowl Send Off Was…Something


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The Rams hosted a “Pep Rally” to kick off Super Bowl week, and man oh man was it underwhelming. 


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This will be pretty short and sweet. Look at the crowd in the photo on the right. This is a crowd assembled for a professional football team getting ready to play in the sport’s biggest game on Sunday. Obviously, this photo doesn’t quite show the entirety of the crowd, but the tweet below from ESPN’s Dianna Russini does. 


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Pretty sad state of affairs for a team heading to the Super Bowl. This isn’t a knock on the team – hell of a job by Sean McVay and staff, Matt Stafford, Cooper Kupp, OBJ, Aaron Donald, and all of the Rams players for getting within a win of football’s greatest achievement. But when people say LA isn’t a sports town, they really mean it. 


The game itself will likely feel like a road game for the Rams. Cincinnati has been blessed at the “home” team in the game, even though it’s being played at SoFi Stadium. The Bengals will be wearing their home black jerseys with the Rams wearing their road whites. And Bengals fans are sure to be in attendance and could potentially outnumber Rams fans on Sunday night. 


But the sendoff reminds me of something I would have seen in high school for my hometown team heading to a state playoff game. Mind you, I am from a town of ~12,000 people in south-central Missouri. Not Los Angeles. While this would be a decent turnout for a high school football game or pep rally, a Super Bowl sendoff is not a place where you would expect to see a crowd like this. I’m pretty sure more people showed up to Mighty Mite football games in my hometown. Certainly more people at the race track on Saturday nights or any night at the Heart of the Ozarks fairground in West Plains, Missouri than were in attendance for this Rams “party”. 


Hell, Chiefs fans pack into the practice facility at Missouri Western 4,400 at a time to catch training camp practices. Not all fan bases are Chiefs Kingdom, but it is very hard for me to believe that our neighbors across the state in St. Louis wouldn’t have put together a much, much better send off for a team that they loved in good times and bad. 


Stan Kroenke, I’m sure the move to LA padded your pockets more than anyone truly knows. Being in Los Angeles is good for player exposure, preferential treatment in primetime games, etc. But when the team slips from competitiveness after missing out on high draft picks for years at a time due to the “all or nothing” mentality the Rams have taken on in recent years, what happens then? The fanbase in LA looks a lot more fair-weather, if not full on apathetic, than they do die hard. Seeing this as a Chiefs fan makes me sad, but it also makes me look forward to better days, days a lot like this one from 2020. 

Now that’s a crowd.

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