Tyreek Speaks on Leaving the Chiefs

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Early yesterday a video came out on Tyreek Hill’s newly created podcast called “It needed to be said.” In this video that was only partially released, there was a segment that gave us a glimpse into what we are going to all be hearing about on June 10th when the full podcast comes out. We all know it wasn’t the smoothest trade in the world with a lot of backlash from fans and even Tyreek Hill himself. It all started when Tyreek quoted a fan on Twitter where he talked about past general manager   John Dorsey. Summed up he stated that it was Dorsey rather than Veach that he credited with building the Super Bowl winning roster. Many were taken aback by this because it seemed like Tyreek Hill was signaling a disagreement within the organization and Brett Veach.

Now currently details have not all been announced as to how it all went down, however it is believed that we will get to hear the full story come next Friday. Overall this could give us the answer as to why Tyreek was suddenly traded from the organization without much warning. In the short video that was released Tyreek didn’t seem to be holding back on his feelings towards the trade as he and his agent confirmed that it was the Chiefs and not Tyreek that had an issue with keeping him in Kansas City. Interestingly he said that money wasn’t the issue with the organization, rather the Chiefs wanted to trade Tyreek. This information contradicts how Brett Veach explained the situation in a press conference where it was said the move was made for cap space reasons.


This explanation makes sense looking at Tyreek’s contract and when he was quoted saying that “money talks” in a press conference with his new team. Now whether you side with Tyreek and interpret what he has said against the Chiefs organization or with Brett Veach’s statements about it being a cap related move, everyone will get their answers soon enough as this podcast will surely spark some questions from the media. On another note and possibly even more ridiculous was a statement that was made by Tyreek where he claimed that the Chiefs tried to suppress his stats this past season. With very little evidence to back this claim up it seems more and more likely that this was to draw more views to his podcast. Purely speculating, It is an interesting storyline because Tyreek was one of the players who came to the defense of Eric Bienemy after a story broke by Chiefs Focus !st & 10 about some culture and locker room issues. Was it possible that Tyreek wanted out based on information that Eric may face a smaller role in offensive play calling? We may never know, or we may see some of the biggest headlines after the podcast is fully released.

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