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The Future of Orlando Brown

                                                                                                    He’s hired an agent, now what?

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Derek Dietz @OriginalMrDietz

In response to the dreadful performance of the offensive line in Super Bowl LV in Tampa, Veach went to work overhauling the O-Line room with young talented players. 

Left Tackle Orlando Brown Jr was acquired by the Chiefs in 2021 in exchange for a first-round pick. Seeing that he was a major part of the complete overhaul of the improved offensive line in 2021, it is obvious that the Chiefs would love to extend him. At this point, the Chiefs have exercised the franchise tag on him. As previously reported, he has not signed the tender, and has hired a first time NFL agent Michael Portner, founder of Delta Sports Group.

So, where do the Chiefs go from here? Clearly the Chiefs want and need Orlando to be here for the long term. He is only 26, so it is not inconceivable that he would command a 5–7-year deal well into his 30’s.  It is also conceivable that he will want to be paid at the top of the market or reset the market altogether. 

Top of the market Left Tackles include Trent Williams, David Bakhtiari, Laremy Tunsil, and Ronnie Stanley.  It is worth noting that Orlando Brown is 2 years younger than Tunsil and Stanley. These players command an average of $22M a year with various bonuses and incentives. The question becomes, what is Orlando Brown worth to keep Patrick Mahomes upright? 

Option 1: Pay the man. I do not think there is any doubt he will get more than $20M year average. Rip up the Franchise Tag and extend him long term. 

Option 2:  Trade the man. Not sure what kind of return you get for him in June/July, but not enough to keep Patrick Mahomes standing in the pocket.

My take: While various services grade Orlando out as a mediocre Tackle, he is the best we have, unless you think the Chiefs will be drafting in the top 10 anytime soon.  It will be a lot of money, but the Chiefs will have to extend him to a mega deal. Guys that are six foot- eight inches and 360# that can block defensive ends effectively do not grow on trees. I feel before training camp a 6 year, $120-$135M deal will be announced, and I am OK with that.




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