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The Prince of Kansas City is Coming

Patrick Mahomes and his wife Brittany announced Sunday that they will be welcoming the future of quarterbacking into the world with the news that they’ll be having a son. 

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If you would have asked me what my first blog would be about upon my return from a 2-week vacation in France, a gender reveal would have been my last guess. 


I want this on the record – I am not a gender reveal guy. I have told my wife that I am firmly against the social media trend that has nearly killed people, started forest fires, and damaged property across the country. I will not tee up a golf ball with pink or blue powder in it, I will not bust open a pinata and reveal the colored innards of a paper machete donkey. These are not actions I prescribe to. 


I am a firm believer that once the gender of your child is known, you share with family and friends. Maybe a subtle announcement on social media when the time is right, but nothing more. No grand presentations or parties. No “team boy” or “team girl” shirts. 


Being from southwest Missouri, the Facebook overuse capital of America, I’ve seen my fair share of atrocious gender reveals from people that I couldn’t care less to see them from. 


Boxes with pink Tannerite being shot from 50 yards away to reveal that a country girl is on the way, a clueless 2-year-old ruining everything by tipping over a basket full of blue confetti, even dogs being trusted to choose the correct blue or pink treat. Dogs can be trusted with all things in this world – but when you try to force a dog to do something dumb online, that dog can and will make you look like an idiot. Rightfully so. 


So, as I was on my 8.5 hour flight across the pond returning home from France, I brainstormed on what to write about. Our guys did a fantastic job of churning out content while I was out – from setting the lines on stat lines for 2022, to giving us a sneak peak into what to watch for in training camp, to anointing a new Legion of Zoom – I was doing some soul searching while fighting off sleep deprived delirium and getting irrationally worked up over my losing hands in video blackjack on my Delta flight. 


But then the content gods gave me a gift yesterday. The King and Queen (like it or not) of Kansas City are obviously with child at the moment. Their second, behind our princess Young Sterling. Mrs. Mahomes dropped the video on us late morning yesterday and was it something. 


Pink and blue plasticware, ballons, paint filled squirt guns. The whoooooole 9 yards. 


And what was the result? As Patrick said during the electrifying prediction portion of the video – “Guaranteed boy.” 


More like guaranteed King. 


Mahomes was so excited he nearly dropped his daughter. Not really because we’re all about child safety here at Chiefs Focus and Patrick would never risk the safety of young Ster, but if you watched the video you could tell his excitement was so intense that he wanted to get a child out of his arms as quickly as possible so he could react as freely and responsibly as he wanted to. 


He hugged PM1, who apparently played for too many teams in his baseball career and is just a fan of MLB based on his hat. He then proceeded to jump in the pool, in his hoodie and all. Hopefully he took his phone out of his pocket, but then again he’s worth over half a billion and the thought process of a poor like me probably doesn’t register to the King of Kansas City and the football world. 


What does this mean for us? Nothing yet, or ever really. It’s awesome that Mahomes is having a son. As a recently married man and someone who wants to be a father, I could imagine the news of having a son as a guy who is obsessed with sports is one of the more thrilling things in life. For normal folks, does it mean your son will be obsessed with sports? No, definitely not. But that’s something that would just be an added bonus to getting to teach them how to be a man. If I am lucky enough to have a son and he’s all about chess and coding, then rock on dude. Let’s learn that shit together. I’ve won a chess match once in my life, in third grade vs Paul Miller in Mrs. Aid’s class, but I’ll get back in the saddle if my kid wants to play. 


Will Mahomes son be obsessed with sports? TBD. But you’ve got to think with a grandpa who played in the majors and a dad who is the second coming of Christ in shoulder pads, he might. What if we get to watch the next football Messiah grow up right before our eyes here in KC? Imagine how good Peyton and Eli could have been if Archie actually had talent? Mahomes Jr Jr could be the first quarterback in NFL history to throw for 10,000 yards and 100 touchdowns in a season. 


This also provides a great way for Patrick to continue to build his wealth. In the age of NIL, there is no doubt that Nick Saban, Lincoln Riley, and Jimbo Fisher already had boosters on the phones this morning putting together packages to lure the unborn prodigy to their respective football factories. Who can get to $100 million in NIL cash fastest? Arch Manning signed last week so he’s old news – today we’re all about baby Mahomes. This kid is without a doubt already the number 1 recruit in the country for the Class of 2040. 


In sincerity – congrats to Patrick and Brittany for welcoming another member to their beautiful family. Kansas City will without a doubt love this kid like he’s someone our own. As much as the Mahomes have given to Kansas City thus far and with the trails they continue to blaze here, the Prince of Kansas City has an entire kingdom awaiting his arrival. 


Let’s also up the ante on those over/under totals for Mahomes numbers this year – I feel a big one coming. 






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