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What can we expect for the 2022 Chiefs?

                                                                              Best and worst-case scenarios for the season


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What’s the worst that can happen?


We have under a month left of one of the craziest offseasons in NFL history. From Tom Brady’s 40-day-long retirement to the Baker Mayfield trade and everything in between. The Chiefs had some roster turnover too, the biggest being Tyreek Hill being traded. With all this turnover, what is the worst-case scenario for this team? What about the best-case scenario?


The best Case Scenario:

The quarterback/coach combo of Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes is possibly the best in the NFL. These two have made magic together since 2018. This combination is responsible for the most regular-season wins, most playoffs wins, and tied for the most Super Bowl appearances by any team since 2018. Combine this with the additions of Juju Smith-Schuster and Marquez Valdes-Scantling, a young offensive line that features one of the top centers in the NFL and one of the best young guards in the NFL with Creed Humphrey and Trey Smith. Honestly, the Skyy is the limit (see what I did there). Skyy More will contribute to the offense immediately as well.

Photo: David Eulitt of Getty Images                 

That is on offense though, the defense took a huge step forward this offseason as well. The defense was a large reason for the struggles in both losses to the Bengals and why we almost lost to the Bills in the playoffs. We added multiple pieces to the defense, not to mention the Chiefs are returning the top defensive rookie from 2021 not named Micah Parsons in Nick Bolton.Photo : @Chiefs                                       

So enough on the analysis. Now for the actual prediction. Record-wise, the best scenario for this team, while being realistic is going to be 16-1. I have possible losses for the only loss being a road game within the division or on the road against the Bengals, I’d lean more towards a road division game and the most likely being against the Broncos. Our winning streak against them has to end eventually and I think this season is the most likely year for that to happen. Patrick Mahomes wins his 2nd MVP award with 5,100 yards and 45 TDs to only 7 INTs. The offense finishes 1st in scoring and the defense finishes in the top half of the league. The Chiefs breeze their way through the playoffs getting revenge over the Bengals in the Divisional Round and beating the Bills in the playoffs once again in the AFC Championship. The Chiefs make a February trip to the desert of Glendale, Arizona for Super Bowl LVII against the Rams looking to repeat. The Chiefs win a close one with Mahomes winning his 2nd ring and 2nd Super Bowl MVP award.

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That is the best-case scenario for this team in my opinion. This team can definitely win the Super Bowl. I’m not necessarily saying they for sure will but they can.

Worst case scenario

The Chiefs have enjoyed 9 straight winning seasons since Andy Reid became the head coach. The disasters that were the 2008 and 2012 seasons seem like distant memories now, especially after we’ve watched this team hoist up the Lombardi Trophy. The Chiefs lost two of their better players in the offseason, I’ve already mentioned Tyreek Hill but Tyrann Mathieu is gone as well. Mathieu was the leader of the defense. They also cut Anthony Hitchens who was the player who would get the calls and help set up the defense.

Photo Credit: @Saints on Twitter                                  


My prediction of the worst possible, yet realistic scenario for this team is a 7-10 record. The wins coming against the Chargers at home, Colts on the road, Raiders at home, Jaguars at home, Texans on the road, Seahawks at home, and Broncos at home. A 7-10 record would cause the Chiefs to miss the playoffs for the first time since 2014. This would give the Chiefs a draft pick of 15th, based on my predictions for the rest of the NFL. Statistically, the Chiefs finish outside of the top 10 in scoring and bottom 10 in defense. Patrick Mahomes still makes the Pro Bowl but only because it’s a borderline popularity contest after the worst season of his career with 4,600 yards, 30 TDs, and 15 INTs. The ironic thing about that being his worst season is that’s still a good season compared to most quarterbacks in the NFL.


This team has the potential to be really good. On the flip side of this, compared to recent seasons, this season does have some disaster potential. It could also be a mediocre season as well. Point blank, we have been spoiled as Chiefs fans recently but we do have to be prepared for the potential of disaster. Not saying this will be a bad season, just that I believe that is the worst-case scenario for this season.


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