Are the 2022 Dolphins Better than the 2019 Chiefs?

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                            Or is Tyreek Hill crazy.


Jake White @jakewhite58 Chiefs Focus @Chiefsfocus

On his podcast “It Needed to Be Said” Tyreek Hill told his new Miami teammate, Jaylen Waddle that the 2022 Dolphins are comparable to the 2019 Kansas City Chiefs. He explained that the Dolphins are a track team with all the speed on the field. Is this the latest in Tyreek just hyping up his new team and downplaying his former team? Or does what he says hold water?


Honestly, he’s not wrong about the Dolphins having explosive and quick players all over the field. His talent, plus Waddles, and Raheem Mostert. Add Cedric Wilson when he gets healthy, and the Dolphins look pretty explosive.  


But comparing the Super Bowl-winning 2019 Chiefs to a team that hasn’t played a game yet is a little absurd. This is more than likely Tyreek gassing up his team again. As more of a star presence on the Dolphins, he has the platform to say these things. When he was in Kansas City these things didn’t need to be said. Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, and Tyrann Mathieu were the big leaders on the Chiefs and showed their excellence and didn’t need to speak on it in the offseason.


Tyreek is on a new team, a new role as the highest-paid Wide Receiver in the league, and is looking to save a franchise (and QB) from mediocrity. As he has done all offseason he is going to gas up his new team. He wants Tua Tagolovia to be recognized as a great QB BECAUSE of him. No teammate will talk down to his new teammates before the season starts. Can you imagine if one of the Chiefs new receivers talked about how much better their previous QB was? And two of them come from Hall of Fame Bound QBs. 


The 2019 Chiefs, besides Tyreek, don’t have much in common with the 2022 Dolphins. The Dolphins have an excellent Tight End in Mike Geleski, but the Chiefs had the best Tight End in football in Travis Kelce. Our number 2 receiver was Sammy Watkins, and in comparison to Jaylen Waddle are two different skill sets. Waddle is a quick receiver in his sophomore year, and Watkins was a more sure-handed, middle-of-the-field threat at that point of his career. The running backs are comparable, Mostert and Spencer Ware, both journeymen in the NFL at these points. Both are fast, but Mostert is a little faster. 


The biggest difference between the two teams is beyond comparison in the Quarterback position. Patrick Mahomes just finished his MVP season in 2018 setting the league on fire with 50 touchdowns before losing to the eventual Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots. Tua Tagolovia has been benched, replaced, and discussed in multiple trades since being drafted. Mahomes led the Chiefs to a #1 seed in 2019, leading comeback after comeback in the playoffs and including the Super Bowl over the San Francisco 49ers. Tua has yet to play in the playoffs. 


It’s not a fair comparison between the two, but that makes Tyreeks comparison even more absurd. The 2022 Dolphins can light the world on fire, but the only comparison will be Tyreek Hill. If the Kansas City Chiefs come out and continue to dominate opponents without Tyreek, then this will still be Mahomes’s team and Tyreek was a nice to have but not a need to have.


I love Tyreek as much as anyone. When he used to catch the ball for us all of us would yell out VROOM because we knew he was magic with the ball. But he’s gone now, and he’s going to build his new team up. But maybe he should remember that ring he won and how special that team was. 






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