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The Kansas City Chiefs Madden ‘23 Ratings

The late John Madden will be featured on the Madden ‘23 cover. Image Via: Epic Games

How do the Chiefs rank in 2022?

As many of you know, this past week the ratings for Madden ‘23 were released. The Chiefs overall were ranked the eighth best team in the game with an overall rating of 86. The Chiefs fell behind the; Buccaneers, Bills, Rams, Packers, Rams, Chargers, and Cowboys. The highest ranked individual on the Chiefs was Travis Kelce, who was ranked seventh overall and the best tight end in the game with an overall rating of 98. Patrick Mahomes was given a 95 overall and ranked third at the quarterback position, only behind Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. Both Mahomes and Kelce were given a 99 overall last year and see drops in their ratings despite great seasons last year by both. The Chiefs had two offensive lineman placed in the top 6 in their respective positions. Creed Humphrey was ranked the 6th best center and Joe Thuney was ranked the third best left guard. Chris Jones was rated a 91 overall and is the third best defensive tackle in Madden. Questionably, Frank Clark, who was rated an 80 last year dropped down to a 78 in this year’s game. Clyde Edwards-Helaire was an 84 overall last year and dropped down to a 79 this year. JuJu Smith-Schuster is the highest ranked receiver on the Chiefs but fell down to the 51st spot amongst other receivers with a rating of 80 overall.


Now in some instances, it may seem as if the programmers of this game select the rankings at random. However, the ratings of players is actually a very in-depth process of selection. Each year, ‘Madden NFL Ratings Performance Adjustors’ grade each player off of 43 different categories and calculate them into an ‘overall rating’. Popular categories include speed, strength, and other performance categories that are vital in being successful on the football field. While not all categories relate to one’s position, everyone is graded on the same categories. However, specific categories are viewed as more important depending on the position.  Despite all of these details that go into these ratings, fans and players get worked up over the ratings each year. After all, everyone wants to see their team on top. The good news for Chiefs fans is even if you disagree with the ratings, a video game won’t stop the Chiefs from chasing another title. We all know that this team and its players can and will be great this year, no matter where they are ranked.  


So what do you think? Did the Performance Adjustors get it right with the Chiefs this year? Who should be ranked higher and who lower? Should the Chiefs really be only the 8th best team?


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