Chiefs 2022 Revenge Tour 2.0

Hell hath no fury like a Patrick Mahomes scorned, or something like that. 

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Charles Robinson @CRob5769

Writer – @ChiefsFocus

 Chiefs Focus @ChiefsFocus 

Do me a favor. Look at your calendar. It’s July 28, and we’re getting updates from the second full day of Chiefs training camp practice. 


With everything that went down in the offseason, everyone was well aware that the 2022 NFL regular and postseasons were going to be interesting to say the least. New faces in new places, storylines galore, grudge matches everywhere you look. You’ve got players who were traded or signed elsewhere as free agents facing their old teams, rematches of playoff games from seasons past, and of course the classically heated divisional rivalries that we love tuning into every year. 


With all that being said, I don’t know that anyone in Chiefs Kingdom expected the doubters, haters, and gas bags to be out in full force this early in the year. But here we are. Not only are the Chargers, Broncos, and Raiders all now better than the Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes isn’t even a top tier QB anymore.


What happened? How did the Chiefs fall from grace so quickly, particularly without even playing a single snap in the regular season? It’s truly a remarkable occurrence and something that no one in their right mind saw coming. The fall of Rome. The end of an era. 


Those who actually watch the Chiefs and follow the team know that these pontificators are likely a little premature in their writing off of the best QB in the game and the best team in the NFL over the past 5 seasons. While I can shrug this off and give them a pass, there are certain individuals who cannot. One of them wears number 15 for the Chiefs, and happens to be that best in class QB that I mentioned a couple sentences ago. 


Patrick Mahomes is notoriously petty. In a good way for Chiefs fans. There’s the famous “1, 2, 3, 4” that he counted up in 2020 when the Chiefs waxed the Ravens after Lamar Jackson won the MVP and Mahomes was listed as the 4th best player in the league in the NFL 100. Last season after a slow start, the Chiefs signal caller was well aware of the “blueprint” that the league had developed to stifle KC’s aerial attack. What did he do once the word was out on the Chiefs offense? Nothing crazy, just went off for 3,803 yards and 30 touchdowns with a 67.2% completion percentage in a 13 game stretch including the playoffs. 


Oh, by the way – the Chiefs were 11-2 in those 13 games. 


Mahomes and the Chiefs have been historically dominant in several aspects over the course of the last 4 years, but none as dominant as their track record in “revenge games”. The quarterback and his team have been favored 35 consecutive games (regular and postseason) – tied for the 6th most all time. They’ve been favored in 13 consecutive playoff games, which is the most of all time. And in his career, Mahomes is 5-2 against teams that he lost to earlier in the season. Both losses coming in the bookends of the Chiefs 4 AFC Championship runs – in 2018 to the Patriots, and 2021 to the Bengals. 


Now, obviously there is no fuel to the “lost earlier in the season” fire just yet, because no one has even laced up for an actual game yet. But we do have some loose ends to tie up from games last year, as well as divisional opponents who have gotten a hell of a ride from the media this offseason. If you clamor too loud for something that you’re not entirely sure of, someone is going to hear it and probably prove you wrong. That someone is Patrick Mahomes. 


Let’s take a look at the 2022 Mahomes Grudge Revenge Tour. 


Week 2 : Los Angeles Chargers 


Obviously the Chiefs will face the Chargers twice in 2022 with the divisional home and away setup, but the week 2 affair will be under the lights in primetime at Arrowhead Stadium on a Thursday night. What happened the last time the Chargers came to Arrowhead? Well, they shocked the Chiefs and walked away with a narrow 30-24 victory. 


We just can’t live with that. 


The Chargers have been one of the darlings of the offseason, signing both Khalil Mack and JC Jackson to bolster an already dangerous defensive unit that includes Derwin James and Joy Bosa. The problem? All 4 of these guys are made of glass. James hasn’t played a full season yet in his career, Mack played in 7 games last year, and Joey Bosa is due for an injury riddled season as it happens every other year. 


2017 – 16 games played 

2018 – 7 games played 

2019 – 16 games played 

2020 – 12 games played 

2021 – 16 games played 

2022 – if we go by his even year average, he’ll get 9 or 10 games in 


Justin Herbert is a stud, but so were Reggie Miller, Patrick Ewing, Karl Malone and several others who ran into Michael Jordan back in the day. Except right now we’re not talking about Michael Jordan, we’re talking about Patrick Lavon Mahomes. Regular season wins are nice, but they don’t hang banners for those. Mahomes has the ring, the Lombardi, the banners, and he’ll have his revenge against Herbert and the Chargers in week 2. 


Let’s just hope we get some hilarious Brandon Staley 4th down calls along the way. Should’ve just tied with the Raiders last year so you guys could know what the playoffs are like. They’re pretty cool. 


Week 4 : Tampa Bay Buccaneers 


Do I need to elaborate? The Chiefs have been chomping at the bit to get another shot at Tom Brady and the Bucs since the game that we don’t mention. Super Bowl 55. 


The worst game of the past 4 years for KC, and a game where Mahomes was essentially playing the Bucs alone. Tyreek Hill had balls bouncing off of his facemask. The offensive line (RIP) was an absolute nightmare. Mahomes ran 497 yards for his life on his dropbacks in that game. 


With a completely revamped offensive line, and a deeper receiving corps than ever before, Brady and the Bucs have a brand new, extremely daunting challenge on their hands when Mahomes and the Chiefs come to Raymond James Stadium in Week 4. With a suddenly youthful defense, the Chiefs are out to make Tom Brady regret coming out of his 2 week retirement. Here’s the bright side – Tampa’s a notoriously great strip club city. At least the guys will have something to do once the ass whipping is over. 


Week 6 : Buffalo Bills 


Maybe not a revenge game, but certainly a rivalry. Mahomes and Josh Allen were teammates in The Match earlier this summer, losing to Brady and Aaron Rodgers on the final hole, but when they lace it up on October 16, all bets are off. The Bills came into Arrowhead last year in week 5 and embarrassed the Chiefs, blowing them out 38-20. 


Guess what? There’s no more Dan Sorensen. Tyreek will not be letting balls bounce off of his hands and into Micah Hyde’s. And there’s no way Josh Allen has forgotten about the last time he came to Arrowhead. 


13 seconds.


Mahomes and the Chiefs have owned Allen and the Bills when it counts most, knocking them out of the playoffs in each of the past two seasons. It’s time for Pat to put his foot down and let Josh know he’s the boss all the time, not just when it counts the most. 


Week 9 : Tennessee Titans 




What a nightmare of a game. I genuinely didn’t know whether I was watching the 2021 Chiefs, or the 2012 team. A blowout of this magnitude simply doesn’t happen to KC anymore, particularly in the Mahomes era. 


Has there ever been a more average franchise than the Tennessee Titans? Congrats on the 1 seed last year, that’s a huge accomplishment. Also congrats on getting bounced in the playoffs every single season. Ever. 


Ryan Tannehill and the Titans need to be prepping for this game now. Not only does the KC offense have a chip on their shoulder to return the favor to Tennessee, Chris Jones and the defense will be coming in hot to redeem themselves for an absolutely piss poor performance from a year ago. Taylor Lewan should probably avoid any Tier Talk around Mahomes, because the boys are coming to Nashville and their game is going to be Bussin. 


Week 12 : Los Angeles Rams 


Am I the only one that thinks that Super Bowl 56 was the Chiefs Super Bowl? The Cincinnati game (we’ll discuss this soon) in the playoffs was an absolute shit show. For multiple reasons. 


1, the offensive playcalling in the second half was atrocious. 


2, the Chiefs WR corps completely shit the bed and didn’t show up in the second half. 


3, Chris Jones forgot how to tackle. 


Anyway, where was I going with this? Oh yeah, the Rams. Ramball sucks, buying championships sucks, and Stan Kroenke sucks. This game is revenge for a Super Bowl that should’ve been ours, and for the entire state of Missouri. St. Louis might not be the greatest city in the world, but leaving them high and dry for LA is such a scumbag move. 


What do you expect from an owner that looks like a cartoon ghost butler? St. Louis brothes and sisters – pilgrimage west in November to the Football Mecca that is Arrowhead Stadium. Let’s join as brothers and sisters in letting the Rams know what we think of them. The boys on the field should be able to show Matthew Stafford what natural grass looks like, and Aaron Donald will get introduced to the first real interior offensive line he’s seen in quite some time. 


Week 13 : Cincinnati Bengals 


I’m going to start by saying this – by the time the Chiefs get to their week 13 matchup with the Bengals, Cinci might be a 5 or 6 loss team. 


Or they could be awesome. Who knows. Either way, the history here doesn’t need to be repeated. These wounds are still too fresh. Now that Carlos Dunlap is on board in Kansas City, this is an extreme revenge game. I would be absolutely flabbergasted if th Chiefs don’t win this by double digits. 


Can’t wait for the Cincinnati fans (who dey nation?) to come back out of the woodworks and talk about Joe Burrow being better than Mahomes. I hope they do it all year, just to get Pat that much more fired up. 


I used to like Joe Burrow. And I still think he’s kind of a cool dude, outside of those stupid ass shades he wore last year during the playoffs, but let’s be real here. Ja’Marr Chase is a stud and you’ve got a loaded receiver corps -cool. Let’s see what happens when the Chiefs actually dial up some pressure on Sheisty.


Week 14 : Denver Broncos 


Chiefs Kingdom….let’s ride. 


Chiefs KINGDOM. Let’s ride. 


chiefs kingdom…let’s RIDE. 


Russell Wilson sucks, the Broncos suck, and I can’t wait for this pathetic excuse for an organization to go 8-9 and maintain their completely mediocre existence. Peyton Manning ain’t walking through those doors anytime soon. Have fun being bad enough to never win anything significant, but not quite bad enough to benefit from good draft picks. You guys even suck at sucking. 


Just as I suspected, I got a little more heated as each of these went on. Which is precisely how I hope the 2022 season goes for Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs. They’ve had the target on their backs as the top dog in the AFC (and the NFL, honestly) for 4 years now, so this position of disrespected “underdog” should be kind of refreshing for them.


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