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Most impactful Chiefs rivals offseason moves


The Chiefs look to stay ahead but the AFC West is making money moves.

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The off season has been busy for every team in the NFL. The AFC in particular has spent the last six months in an arms race to give themselves the best chance to reach the mountain top. The AFC West has been at the epicenter of that arms race with every Chiefs rival making moves to knock off the six time reigning AFC West champion Kansas City Chiefs. While each team has made dozens of moves there are few that really deserve the attention of Chiefs Kingdom. 


The Denver Broncos started their off season with a change at head coach. Vic Fangio was shown the door and former Greenbay Packers offensive coordinator was hired to replace Fangio. 


A little over a month later the Broncos would send TE Noah Fant, DE Shelby Harris and QB Drew Lock to the Seattle Seahawks for their star QB Russel Wilson. Since the departure of Payton Manning, the Broncos have been a team that is just a QB away from success. They have spent significant capital to solve that problem and finally traded for that solution. 


This trade is not just a pure benefit to the Broncos as they did have to give up some good players to acquire him. This trade is significant for both what the Broncos got but also what they gave away.  


The Broncos bolstered their defensive line by signing players like DT D.J. Jones and DE Randy Gregory. 


The Los Angeles Chargers made in march to keep up with the other teams in the AFC. The first is resigning WR Mike Williams. Williams is one of the best number two wide outs in the league. 


They also looked to improve their defense by trading for Khalil Mack and signing CB J.C. Jackson. While both of these players have experienced injury in their career if they stay healthy these players will improve a defense that struggled last year.  


Much like the Broncos the Las Vegas Raiders started the offseason by signing  Josh McDaniels. While McDaniels had a rough go of it in his first stint as a head coach in Denver and received plenty of condemnation for his fake out on the Indianapolis Colts job. He still has been a successful offensive coordinator and with some of the roster moves made the Raiders are looking to grow their offense. 


The Raiders biggest roster move, by far, is trading for Devente Adams. Adams has been one of the best, if not the best WR in the NFL during Aarron Rodgers two MVP years. For an offense that already has weapons like Darren Waller, this move improves a team that did make the playoffs. 


The Raiders also added former Chiefs WR Demarcus Robinson. Robinson may not have caused many Chiefs fans to be upset by his departure, he still is a quality rotating piece that will give QB Derrick Carr more options. 


The signing of DE Chandler Jones is a pretty big note for the Raiders. Las Vegas already has a formidable pass rush with DE Maxx Crosby and with the addition of Jones you add more stress to opposing O-lines. 


Each of these teams have made plenty of more moves but with training camp well underway these are the free agent moves that have the most potential to make these teams better.







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