Should the Chiefs trade for Kareem Hunt?

The former Chiefs running back is wanting out of Cleveland, could there be a reunion?

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Kareem Hunt was a standout running back in Kansas City for a year and a half even winning the rookie of the year award until a video surfaced of him in an altercation with a female which lead to his dismissal from the team due to him lying to them about what happened before the video was released.

What would have been if Hunt was honest upfront, more than likely he would have been suspended a couple of games, and then it would have been over with still in Kansas City and still our number 1 running back.

Everyone makes mistakes and that altercation was one big mistake, he got put in a bad situation by people who were associated with him, and when he tried to resolve it peacefully and it keep escalating to the point where Hunt reacted poorly and kicked toward a couple of females on the ground.

My opinion he lied to the team is because he was a scared kid afraid of the consequences and that maybe no one would believe him, but no matter what he was wrong for both and the price had to be paid and he was released.

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After his release, he signed with Cleveland and was suspended for 8 games for assault. After his suspension was over became a complement piece to Nick Chubb and the two of them became the best one-two punch in the league.

A string of injuries leads to both lack of production and frustration now Hunt has now asked for a trade to look for both a new home and a new contract.


Why do I think this would be a good move for Kansas City?

During the preseason the running back room hasn’t been super impressive going for only 38 yards on 26 carries. Even with the emergence of Pacheco, we have failed to see CEH who is entering his third year and has yet to become that guy and live up to the first-round pick hype.

Kansas City could use someone that knows the system and who’s learned from mistakes and wants a second chance to do right by Andy Reid. 

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Why the Chiefs need to stay away are:

Injuries piling on and wanting a new contract is one of those are big red flags let alone having both so for Kansas City to make this deal you have to give up draft capital and money for the contract, so you have to be 100% certain on him and if you’re not then the price might be too large.


Moves that could be options if they don’t want Hunt, Antonio Gibson from Washington solid in both the run and pass game and looked to have fallen down the depth chart as he was mainly with the 2nd and 3rd team during their preseason game last weekend.

Another Option that might be interesting but the price might be too steep is Saquon Barkley from New York. If the team doesn’t want to give up draft capital in a trade Kenyan Drake who was released by the Raiders this week could also posed as option.


At the end of the day, Kareem Hunt is a solid running back and a reunion could be good for both the team and Hunt. I think he is hungry to prove that he is reliable and one of the best in the league and if the price is right for Veach and company, then I’m all in bringing back Kareem Hunt.

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