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Should the Chiefs be worried about Joshua Williams?

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Keaton Huff @KeatonTheKicker


Throughout the few weeks of pre-season games Joshua Williams the Chiefs fourth round pick had had his fair share of struggles. As a projected starter in some defensive packages it is starting to get a little worrisome for the defense.

Although he had played well in camp Joshua Williams has amassed quite a few needless penalties during the preseason games including multiple face mask calls. Along with this it seems as if he is being beaten on a majority of the reps he is faced with. Although this is expected of a rookie, being a starter has given him some unrealistic expectations that are not his fault at all. This article more explores the idea of adding some help so Josh can have more time to develop. 

I would say that the biggest negative I have seen from Joshua to this point is his inability to make a play when it matters such as when he dropped a wide open interception that bounced off his hands. He also ran a below average 4.53 40 yard dash to go along with this. However, it is important to note his strengths. In coverage it seems like he is always near the receiver but has never been able to break up the pass as one would expect for a prospect with the length that he has. 

Some solutions to this problem are to bring in an established vet that can take his place in certain packages while he continues to develop parts of his game so that in the future he can be a full time starter as the Chiefs planned on him being. Such players still available are Joe Haden, and Chris Harris who could at least split snaps with the rookie. 

I want to also be very clear that I like Williams as a prospect but never thought he would get the playing time they are expecting of him this early. Coming from a smaller school I worry most that the NFL game might start off too fast for him as we have seen him struggle in training camp and pre season. I think the perfect solution is to let him back up an established veteran for this season. 

While I usually think that Brett Veach does a good job in this area I believe he left the corner room a little thin this off-season. I and other members of the Chiefs Focus team thought that they should have brought in James Bradberry. Bradberry who has already shown out at Eagles camp would have been a great addition to the team but it seems as if the team is willing to settle for some early season struggles defensively while their team develops barring any late additions which is still very possible. 


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