Final Roster Projection


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Let us See How it might shake out


Derek Dietz  @OriginalMrDietz                                           Chiefs Focus @Chiefsfocus

Here we are, folks. We made it thru training camp, and we must cut down to 53 players. Here are my projections, and a couple of surprise cuts. I tried to make everything fit with an average balance of offensive, defensive, and special teams’ talent. Also, please note that I did not really distinguish between being cut and practice squad.



I am going with 6 WRs here, so that means a TE is lost. Twenty-five offensive players look like this:


QB- Mahomes, Henne

RB- CEH, McKinnon, Pacheco, Ronald Jones

FB- Burton

TE- Kelce, Gray, Fortson

WR- Hardman, Moore, Valdez-Scantling, JuJu, Justin Watson, Cornell Powell

OT- Orlando Brown, Andrew Wylie, Geron Christian, Prince Wanogho

OG- Thuney, Trey Smith, Allegretti, Reiter

C- Humphrey 


I have Ronald Jones on the roster because quite frankly RBs get hurt and you need several available. When you have Patrick Mahomes, it makes a 3rd QB hard to justify so I expect Buchele to be cut or on the practice team. WR group became very competitive with Justin Watson coming out of nowhere.

Therefore, I do not have Josh Gordon making the team (which should not be a surprise if you watched the three games so far). Nor do I have Daurice Fountain on the team. Cornell Powell sneaks on the team as WR6 and special teams Ace. O-Line was a bid harder projection, as the depth seemed to really struggle in the three preseason games.

Allegretti and Geron Christian are replacement level back-ups, but I am pretty sure Darian Kinnard will be relegated to the practice squad, as he was running with the 3’s and 4’s during the last two games.  Now to the TE room, I foresee some sort of numbers games being played with Blake Bell and Matt Bushman while they recoup from their injuries- so the Chiefs will go into opening night with Kelce, Fortson, and Noah Gray.


Offensive Cuts/Practice Team:

Buchele, Corey Coleman, Franks, Bushman, Bell, Gordon, Ealy, Hassan, Caliendo, Gurman, Kinnard, Fountain. 



This is a passing league, so I went with 10 CB/DB/Safeties. Here is my 25-member Defensive projection:  


DT- CJ95, Wharton, Nnadi, Shelton, Saunders

DE- Clark, Danna, Karlaftis, Dunlap, Herring

WLB- Willie Gay

SLB- Elijah Lee, Leo Chenal

MLB-Bolton, D. Harris

CB- McDuffie, Fenton, Sneed, J. Williams, Lammons, J Watson

S- Reid, Thornhill, Cook, Bush


Malik Herring and Khalen Saunders played their way onto this roster, but I still feel they should bring in Ndamukong Suh, sadly I do not get a vote. I feel the team will keep NG Big Man Danny Shelton. The LBs do not really have any surprises, other than Free Agent signing Jermaine Carter will be cut, due to better younger options. The Chiefs hammered the D-Backfield in the draft, and it is paying off in spades now, with four rookie DBs making the roster. For cuts I have DE Josh Kaindoh- he looks the part, but he cannot separate from NFL tackles. DT Stallworth could not beat out Saunders or Wharton and that speaks volumes. Rookie DB Nazeeh Johnson will be relegated to the practice squad, although he looks like a good player. Other cuts like DiCaprio Bootle and Zane Anderson are no surprises. 


Defensive Cuts/Practice Team: 

Kaindoh, Bootle, Stallworth, N Johnson, Anderson, Key, Kamara, Dickerson, Cochrane, Carter 



No surprises here. They had no competition during camp. Butker, Townsend, Winchester


Here is your 53-man roster. Please leave a comment!

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