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Biggest Surprise from Cutting Room Floor

Who Did The Chiefs Cut That Surprised Us


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On August 30th the Chiefs got their roster down to the mandated 53 maximum players. They cut several walk-ons and fringe players not everyone was a surprise, but there were a couple of players that ended Tuesday, not on the Chiefs, and we were all left scratching our heads.

Of course when you have a team like Kansas City the quality of depth and talent across the board is a great problem. The Chiefs don’t have cap casualty cuts or player issue cuts. They had too much talent at that position cuts. When we look at some of these names, they stand out but when you look at the players left on the team at that position, you understand the decision. 

Before we get into the list, we understand that the practice squad and the waiver wire will be addressed this week and before the start of the regular season. If we can retain some of these players on the practice squad we will be that more deep.

Danny Shelton. Like many of us, I was on the Danny Shelton train. If the Chiefs have a glaring weakness, it’s the pass rush and run defense. Danny Shelton seemed like a perfect fit for the Chiefs, according to our sources he had a minor injury that may keep him out of the first and maybe the second week. Putting him on IR would have kept him out 3 weeks minimum. This was a designed move to bring him back, and they did, via the practice squad.

Josh Gordon. This one isn’t a surprise if it wasn’t for the hype around Josh Gordon. He was this great young player before the suspensions and unfortunately could not find his footing with the Chiefs. This one might be more personal, because I know several Chiefs fans saw the writing on the wall before his being cut. But the hopes of Gordon having that Randy Moss resurgence with a legendary Quarterback was too enticing for me to ignore. I think Gordon will find his place with another team. A team more desperate for his services. 

Austin Reiter. I for one trust Creed as much as anyone, but the sight of Mitchell Swartz, LDT, and Eric Fisher not being in the Super Bowl is still fresh in my mind. So these last couple of years I have pleaded for more Offensive Line depth. Losing Reiter isn’t so much about losing depth as replacing him with younger and cheaper players. Kinnard and Prince should do well to fill in if called upon. But losing an experienced player like Reiter can hurt us if we need it most. 

Elijah Lee and Jermaine Carter. These two are grouped together because I thought when we signed them it was to help our young Linebacker Corps. And after the first couple of preseason games, I thought they would have more of a special team contributor role. But when I saw they got cut I was more surprised they didn’t have more of an impact on the team. I think when we see free agents get signed we assume they will make the team and are more surprised when they don’t. 

Cornell Powell. The last two players are receivers and both were cut for a similar reason although one had a better argument than the other. Powell, a 5th-round draft pick from last year, has underwhelmed since he was drafted. Although I am sure he can be a serviceable receiver, last year he was on a deep roster with receivers that had been with Mahomes for years, and this year he was the odd-man out, not standing out in a room of talented receivers. Where several younger players were making strides, Powell seemed to be a non-factor. 

Daurice Fountain. The last player I want to talk about is Mr. Fountain. Of all the players cut he was the one that made my jaw drop a bit. He seemed to make plays when on the field and was locked in as the Chief’s 6th receiver. What I didn’t account for would be the Chiefs not having 6 receivers. Fountain was a preseason darling last year but ultimately was relegated to the practice squad. And it happened again. I think Fountain can find his stride with the Chiefs eventually.

As always cut-day in the NFL is a day of surprises and disappointments. The Chiefs are lucky they have quality players throughout the roster. The cuts made were somewhat surprising but nothing detrimental. Also, who knows who the Chiefs have their eye on from other squads as the teams get finalized.


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