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Breaking down the Chiefs players in this year’s addition to the NFL top 100

By: Derrik Larsh         @dlarsh15

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You always know football season is right around the corner when the NFL network drops the annual tip 100 players as voted by the players, this list is purely subjective as it is voted by only players and they are more likely to push up a current teammate or old college buddy, but that is where the fun comes in. The chiefs had 3 current players and 2 former players on this year’s list, I will only break down the current chiefs and give if they were too high, low, or just right,  but also give a shout-out to former chiefs and give my opinion on who should have made it.

Chris Jones #39

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The CEO of sack nation is back on this year’s list after falling 5 spots from last year’s list. A bad experiment to start the year last year where the chiefs put jones on the edge Jones had a good end to the year with 27 tackles and 9 sacks.  I feel like this was a good spot for Jones to be placed on the list.

Travis Kelce #10

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Once again Kelce proved not only to be the best tight end in the league but one of the league’s best players coming in at 10 after being 5 on last year’s list. Kelce had another would year with 92 catches for 1,125 yards and 9 touchdowns I have no issues with his placement when compared to the rest of the list and he was stil in the top 10.

Patrick Mahomes #8 

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This is where I have a problem with this list, Yes Mahomes by his and everyone’s standards had a down year so if the list put him at 2 or 3 would be understandable, I still think he is the best player in the league, but the arguments could be made and yes the interceptions were a career-high and that happens when receivers can’t catch a pass that hit them right in the hands. Even with the slow start and drops by his receivers he still had 4,839 yards and 38 touchdowns. This list is purely a popularity contest and the majority of the league is jealous of Mahomes why you may ask well maybe it’s because they wish their quarterback was better, maybe they wish they could play for the chiefs, or maybe it’s because they are jealous of his talent who knows? I know Mahomes wasn’t the only one who was disrespected by this list but to have him at 8 where he is 3rd at worst just shows the bias from this list.

Former Chiefs in the top 100, and one player who should have been on it!

The chiefs had 2 players from the 2021 team who found their names on the list, Tyrann Mathieu, at 69, and Tyreek Hill at 16. With any list, there are players who miss the cut who should have definitely made it and my pick is Creed Humprey as he was one of the best centers in the league and should have found his name somewhere on this list.

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This list will never be 100% correct and that makes it both fun and frustrating but I believe more should go into it for a more authentic list.


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