5 quick observations after the chargers game

Breaking down 5 observations after Thursday night’s Victory over the Los Angeles Chargers

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Derrik Larsh @chiefgucci15

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The Kansas City Chiefs took a big step towards winning their 7th straight AFC west title by winning a gritty hard-fought game vs not only their division rival, but one many people have to overthrow the Chiefs for kings of the division in the Los Angeles Chargers and wanted to give a few observations I came to after the game.

The defense will be top 10 by end of the season 

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If you look at the final box score you might think the defense is the same old defense that has frustrated fans but if you take away the garbage time touchdown they held one of the top 3 quarterbacks and offenses in the league to 17 points. While they still have areas of improvement like tackling I see that it is due more to over-pursuing which can be fixed but they are flying to the ball and I will take that vs the defense being completely out of position. These rookies and young veterans will get more experience and by season’s end could be in prime position to be one of the league’s best.

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George Karlaftis Will Win DROY 

Even though he hasn’t got his first Career Sack, Karlaftis is a disruptor and blows up many plays. His motor can not be denied and with every game, you see improvement with his pass rush moves and shedding blockers, and if Spags is willing to give him more of a role I believe that he will win the Rookie of the year.

The Chiefs need to find a long-term solution at RT 

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There is no secret that the weak link on the offensive line is the right tackle, while Wylie is fine as the bandaid but last night’s game shows the chiefs need to find a better solution. Now going up against the chargers’ pass rush is no easy task and for the most part, Wylie did well and will be fine for the most part can hold up while looking for the long-term solution but this can’t be it.

Clyde Edwards Helaire Doubters need to sit down and be quiet 

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I’ll be honest CEH hasn’t lived up to what we all thought he would be and I was all on board the trade-him-out train but after back-to-back solid performances, I firmly believe that Cylde Edwards Helaire doubters need to sit down. I still think he needs to improve on short-yard and goal-line situations but he is improving with each week and becoming a key piece to this offense.

Justin Watson might become WR2 by end of the season

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Now this one might be an overreaction to the game but the majority of the night the offense struggled to be a vertical threat with a combination of play calling and the stingy Chargers defense, then Watson comes in on a critical 3rd down, and not only did he get the touchdown but completely beat the 82 million dollar man the chargers brought in to specifically have to beat the chiefs, you love to see it. This will lead to Watson getting more opportunities on the field and his chemistry with Mahomes will lead him to become one of his top targets.

What are some of your quick observations about the game, where can the chiefs improve? What did you think they did well? Be sure to let us know. 


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