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Kansas City Chiefs: Winners and Losers from Week 2

Our winners and losers from Week 2

The Kansas City Chiefs came back to beat the Los Angeles Chargers in dramatic fashion, 27-24.

There were players that stood out, especially with the snaps played and the significance of that their reps. I will list the winners and losers of week 2 for the Chiefs.

Winner: Jaylen Watson, Cornerback

From making Wendy’s burgers in Augusta, GA to getting pick sixes, Jaylen Watson made his debut in Arrowhead worth it. The game tied at 17-17 in the fourth quarter and with the ball from the K.C. 3, the Chiefs needed one more big play to get the ball back. Herbert seemed to hurry a throw to his short right side to tight end Gerald Everett, who didn’t appear to be on the same page with his quarterback. By the time Everett turned to find the football, it was in the arms of Watson. The rookie cornerback then popped up from behind Everett making the grab and raced about 99 and a half yards to the end zone. In all, Watson’s pick-six tipped the outcome in the Chiefs’ favor.

Winner: Chris Jones, Defensive Tackle

He was quiet early, as the defensive line struggled to get pressure, but Jones came through in some huge spots especially moving him from the right guard and lining him against the left guard. That led Jones to close out the game with 2 sacks in the fourth quarter including one that set up the next scoring drive for the Chiefs at the end of the 3rd and the near safety in the 4th quarter, Jones is the Chief’s best defensive player.

Winner: Patrick Mahomes, Quarterback

Another typical Patrick Mahomes MVP outing on Thursday night. Mahomes finished the night with 235 yards passing, and 2 TD passes, one spectacular side arm baseball throw to Justin McKinnon, and then the 41-yarder to Justin Watson.

According to NFL Research, Quarterbacks in the Super Bowl era with 70+ completion percentage, 7+ pass touchdowns & 0 picks in their first 2 games of a season

Patrick Mahomes in 2022

Mahomes in 2019 (SB 54 MVP)

Lamar Jackson in 2019 (2019 NFL MVP)

Mahomes has been ultra-efficient so far this season. And not only have the Chiefs won their games with a high-production offense led by MVPat, but they also secured two big victories including this divisional one against the Chargers as they try to take the AFC West for the seventh season in a row.

Loser: Brandon Staley

Yes, the coach of the Chargers is on this list. This is approaching the territory where Brandon Staley, the Chargers’ second-year head coach, should be thinking about backup plans should his time in L.A. get cut short. The Chargers suffered an embarrassing 27-24 loss against the Chiefs, a team that you build your whole off-season around and you were up 17-7 and let the team score 17 unanswered points. Staley’s offense stalled after that game-clinching pick-six and his decision-making as a coach was both terrible and uninspiring. For example, after Justin Herbert hurts his ribs, he decides out of desperation to put his franchise player out there with bad ribs which puts him at a higher risk of further damage, the Chargers scored but again it was a garbage time TD.

I wrote that Staley was on the hot seat this season and after blowing a game lead like this, this proves why I had him on the list. He’s making bad decisions going for on fourth down to blowing big leads. Not a good look.

Winner: Justin Watson, Wide Receiver

There goes that man again. His name is Justin Watson and he’s 7-11, He’s always open. He displayed that with his 41-yard TD catch from Mahomes going against their biggest off-season acquisition, cornerback JC Jackson. Watson put a move on Jackson that turned him in the opposite direction and it gave Watson the cushion to score on the play.

Watson is looking like the sleeper pick that’s going to make a bigger impact on the Chiefs’ offense this year than expected of the other receivers. The Chiefs will get Watson more reps to consistently find or create space against opposing defenses.

Loser: Chief’s Offensive Play calling in the first half

It was sickening to witness that first-half mess from our offense in the first half. I don’t know if Eric Bieniemy was calling plays or what but that can’t happen again.

Our coaches including Big Red and Matt Nagy all have to be on the same page. We have the best quarterback in the league and the most important thing is that we must put him in the best position to help us win the game and I’m the first half was the total opposite. The second half was much better where the Chiefs were able to put up some successful offensive drives but it had to come from the defense to pick us up with the pick-six that led us to victory.

We have to pick up one another. Offense picks up Defense, Defense picks up Offense, and Special Teams do the little things that matter. Our coaches have to let Mahomes cook and be comfortable with ever he wants to do to help us win.

Winner: Chiefs Defense

I have to give Steve Spagnuolo his credit for the way his defense has started out. Spags has taken advantage of the speed and youth we’re he places those players in the positions that will help us win. The team had shut down the Chargers on third down the entire game. The Chargers went 5 for 16 on the third down which was the difference maker in this game that kept the Chiefs in the game. The Watson pick-six, the Jones sacks, and constant pressure from the Chiefs defensive line was the big factor in the team’s victory over the highly talented Chargers offense.

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