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Chris Jones used language A Ref didn’t like???

Disturbing language has no business in this league….

are you kidding me??

Breaking down the controversial call in Sunday’s loss to Indianapolis 

Derrik Larsh @chiefgucci15


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The game of football is won in two parts, one is the physical game on the field during plays, the other is emotional before the game and in between plays the ability to get inside your opponent’s head can play huge advantages for a team to get a win on any given Sunday.

Trash talking is one of the ways players will use to gain that emotional advantage and every player does it if a player says that they don’t resort to that then they do it the most and most referees let it go as they know it’s part of the game but on Sunday afternoon late in the 4th quarter Chris Jones and the Chiefs weren’t given that benefit of the doubt. After a huge sack to force a 4th and 14, Jones and Colts quarterback Matt Ryan started to exchange words when all of a sudden the yellow hankie came out, and the call was made… unsportsmanlike conduct 95 on the defense 15-yard plenty automatic first down.

Now the NFL rule book has the following rule for taunting Rule 12, Section 3, Article 1(c) specifically includes the use of “baiting or taunting acts or words that may engender ill will between teams” within the definition of unsportsmanlike conduct. 

This call gave the Colts enough confidence to finish the go-ahead drive while the defense just couldn’t believe that call was made. After the game, the report came out Shawn Smith said that Jones used “disturbing language,” and that there is “no place in professional football nothing about taunting. I’m sorry, but this is ridiculous! this isn’t your grandma’s church league, this is the National Football League with some of the best athletes in the world trash talking is going to come out and the league needs to be consistent if they are going to have referees the ability to make that call as just a week prior a certain quarterback who started a full-on brawl had no discipline. 


Jones said post-game that he didn’t believe he said anything too bad just normal trash talk between competitors but does take responsibility for putting the team in that bad position and costing them the game. The league needs to draw a line In the sand and let players and coaches know what can and cannot be said or done because the inconsistency is very real.


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