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The Chiefs need to prepare for a buzz saw of a defense in Tampa

The Chiefs need to prepare for a defensive game as both teams have played well on the defensive side of the ball through the first three weeks.


Quentin Morris @quentincmorris

The Kansas City Chiefs will face a defensive powerhouse in their week four game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

This is not the first time Patrick Mahomes has gone up against Tom Brady. They have faced each other four times with both of them earning two wins. This may be the last time they face each other.

Football database statistics have the Buccaneers as a top defense in the league. Through the first 3weeks, the Buccaneer’s defense has allowed only 27 points, the best in all of the NFL. They are top five in the fewest rushing yards per game and are allowing just 207 passing yards per game. Overall they have allowed the fourth fewest yards in all of the NFL. 

The NFL’s team official statistics show the Buccaneers have also been able to get pressure on the opposing quarterback. Through the first three weeks they have 11 sacks coming from eight different players. The pressure has come from all other positions across the defense. They have had inside, outside linebackers, safeties, and defensive linemen. Much like the Chiefs defense run by Steve Spagnuolo the Buccaneers use every position to get pressure.

Last week the Buccaneers blitzed the Packers on 41% of his dropbacks. A Blitz is when a team sends five or more players after the quarterback. While Patrick Mahomes has had success in the past against the blitz, that has not stopped teams from doing it. For example, the Arizona Cardinals blitzed him on more than half of his dropbacks.

From the Chiefs’ perspective, they have to figure out a way to stop a top defense. That starts with the offensive line. Every player on the O-line struggled last week. All through last week’s game, Mahomes was forced out of the pocket.

One of the worst stats to come out of last week’s game was Clyde Edwards-Helaire had zero yards on seven rushing attempts. A Lot of the blame goes to the O-line who could not make space for the running back. Mahomes was the leading rusher with 26 yards. While the Colts do have quality players along the defensive line the Chiefs should be able to create enough space to allow their playmakers to get some yards. If the Chiefs’ O-line does not improve its play they will lose this game. 

Special teams played a large part in the loss against the Colts, that poor play is more of a fluke than a sign of what’s to come. It is a far assumption that the Chiefs will not have a terrible game on special teams.   

With both defenses playing well thought out the first month of the season it’s likely to be a defensive slugfest. Neither team can afford to give away possessions through mental mistakes, as that could be the reason either team loses the game.





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