How can the Chiefs offense get their MOJO back vs the Bucs


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Breaking down how the chiefs need and can get back to the dominance on the offensive side of the ball 

Derrik Larsh @chiefgucci15

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Make no mistake last Sunday’s disaster of a game vs the Colts was a wake-up call to both players and fans. The offensive side of the ball doesn’t have the same dominant success they use to have and it is more than just missing a former player it’s every phase passing, running, blocking, and play calling. No one is on the same page and players feel like they can just go out and dominate because they are the Chiefs and if that continues you can kiss the season goodbye. The good news is it’s only week 3 and the Chiefs have plenty of time to right the ship and achieve their goals it starts this Sunday in a prime-time game vs Tom Brady and the Buccaneers in a Superbowl 55 rematch, so here are a few things that the chiefs need to do to get it back together on offense.

Blocking Blocking Blocking

The Key to any offense starts with the line and going into the season the chiefs were predicted to have the best line but last Sunday’s game showed the exact opposite. The interior line of Thuney, Humphrey, and Smith are solid and Wylie has done what he can and been successful with what he can do the problem is coming from Orlando Brown Jr, the left tackle who wants to be paid like the best-left tackle isn’t playing like it, now is he hurt? Is he lacking so he doesn’t get hurt? I’m not sure but one thing is for sure he turned down the big extension from Kansas City to bet on himself well early indication shows that bet might be a loss and for the Chiefs to get back to where they want the line needs to improve.

A wide receiver needs to create separation 

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Other than Juju the receivers severely lack the ability to create separation unlike in years prior you would see receivers break off new routes once their original route was over or if they were covered but so far this year receivers will stop running and look around at what to do next or expect Mahomes to do something for them and that will not be successful for the team and things need to change now this can be fixed with time, and practice and this week receivers will need to be able to create separation early to have success vs the Buccaneers Defense.

A running back needs to step up

I know last week I was very high on Clyde and said the doubters need to sit down and be quiet and while I still believe he can step up the fact is he hasn’t no running back has the closest would be McKinnon but it’s a low bar to clear as of now. With CEH the problem is he dances or he will hesitate you can do one not both! I mean when you see the quarterback pointing put a big gaping hole while you get tackled for a loss and that seems to be the norm for Clyde. Things won’t get easier as the Buccaneers have a solid front 7 so I’ll be looking for just some consistency from the running back room this week.

Stop with the multiple play callers

It’s no secret that the communication between the play callers and the offense is causing many of the issues we have seen in the past few weeks and it is starting to boil over as we saw right before halftime between Mahomes and Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy who decided to run the clock out rather then try and push to get points before the half leaving Mahomes extremely frustrated and that’s a problem if you are going to have multiple people calling the offense you need to have everyone on the same page and if that doesn’t get fixed none of the other issues above will matter.

The Chiefs have gone through these lumps before and have shown the ability to get back to being the most dangerous team and have no doubt will do it again.

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