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Referee Problem? Also Winners and Losers from Week 5

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We are now in Week 6 and I didn’t post my article on the Week 5 winners from Monday night’s win over the Las Vegas Raiders. In my article from July, I did say that I felt that the Raiders would be a threat to the Chiefs and Monday showed when we were down 17-7 in the first half especially dealing with a terrible roughing the passer call on Chiefs’ defensive tackle, Chris Jones by Carl Cheffers. It was about to get really ugly. I was at the game on Monday and I can tell you that it felt like being at a WWE event (Professional Wrestling) at GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium. One of my favorite moments was when the fans chanted, “Ref, You Suck.” I laughed and even screamed to say it louder so the world and the NFL could hear the Kingdom and their frustrations over these bad calls. I will address this after I post the winners and losers from Week 5.

Winner: Travis Kelce, Tight End

Travis Kelce has once again proven why he is one of the greatest to ever do it. Kelce once again put on a show better than the one against the Bucs, consistently hauling in catches in the red zone and finishing up with all of the Chiefs ‘ offensive touchdown scores with 7 catches for 45 yards during the Chiefs’ 30-29 comeback win over the Raiders Monday night. Even at 33, The superstar tight end hasn’t slowed down, racking up 33 receptions, 367 yards, and seven touchdowns through five games. He did deal with a tweaked ankle after the Bucs game but he pulled through and led us to victory.

Loser: Davante Adams, Wide Receiver (Raiders)

Davante Adams is one of the top 3 receivers in the NFL. He could be the Tom Brady/Patrick Mahomes of receivers because of his skill set and past character have paved the way for him to be one of the faces of the league but his actions after Monday night’s game was uncalled for. I understand losing a hard-fought game could mess with your emotions but there are rules that teams even with a loss is to keep their composure and keep it moving. Instead, Mr. Adams decided to take his frustrations of the loss out on an employee for ESPN. He pushed down a cameraman going up the tunnel and of course, Davante apologized but I wouldn’t be surprised if he were suspended for 3-4 games as a result because what happened if the man busted his head open? That would not be a good look on the NFL. I still like Davante Adams as a player and person but like my Momma would tell me, You know better. Just keep ya head Davante if you’re reading this. Be the person that people love you for.

Winner: Patrick Mahomes, Quarterback

He’s MVPat. Mahomes kept his cool while the team was down 17-7 late in the first half and then our leader led our offensive on the drives and we took advantage at the open opportunities. Mahomes and Kelce were on fire together all night and it was amazing to watch. Mahomes already leads in the NFL with 15 TD passes and he surpassed Troy Aikman in the TD passing category in fewer games even showing Aikman’s reaction was a sight to see. I am glad that already in six seasons, Mahomes is already considered of the greatest of all time. Patrick is going to keep this thing rolling and with Buffalo coming into town, don’t bet surprised if the Grim Reaper wreaks worse havoc than he did in those last 13 seconds.

Loser: Chiefs Run Defense

Our defense came into Week 5 as the number one run defense in the NFL. Raiders running back Josh Jacobs probably made us liars cause he had a career-high 151 yards rushing on the ground and it made our defense look like the same of silly Chiefs’ defense. However, when it mattered they shut Jacobs down in the late moments when Derek Carr wasn’t able to find success passing the ball. The Chiefs’ run defense can’t play this lackluster, especially with Buffalo’s best rusher, their quarterback Josh Allen is coming for revenge from January. We need to build a brick wall when it comes to playing them. Makes me wish Veach would add Danny Shelton to the active roster.

Winner: Defensive leaders: Nick Bolton and Chris Jones

Both Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones and linebacker Nick Bolton have played lighters out this season. Jones was called for that terrible roughing the passer call by Carl Cheffers. I am proud that since that Matt Ryan call, Chris Jones has done his best to keep his composure and to keep fighting. Jones is having a defensive player of the year/Aaron Donald type of season. Nick Bolton has come into his own as the green dot leader of the defense. Bolton has been a force all over the field. Bolton and Jones were the main reasons why the Chiefs’ defense finished the job against the Raiders even Bolton’s play has opened things up for Darius Harris who is taking Willie Gay’s spot until he returns next week from his suspension.

The Referee issue:

We know that the NFL has stood by that controversial penalty on Chris Jones for roughing the passer in Monday night’s game. NFL senior vice president of officiating administration Perry Fewell recorded a video defending the call saying that Jones sacked Raiders quarterback Derek Carr during Monday night’s 30-29 Chiefs win, hitting the quarterback in his midsection. Although Jones attempted to brace himself as both players went to the ground, putting his hand out to the turf, referee Carl Cheffers ruled it roughing the passer because Jones landed on Carr with his full body weight. The ball also came loose on the play, meaning the play was still active. That’s bullshit, I am sorry but ever since that Netflix documentary about the NBA referee that gambled on games he was officiating, it’s clear what the picture is. When a fanbase screams, “Ref, You Suck” and then throws beer bottles at the referee, then you have a huge problem on your hands, and making statements defending a call is not going to save your officials from potentially getting physically hurt just like what could’ve happened as a result of Davante Adams’ actions.

On the other, you have Tom Brady who was fined 11K for his actions towards Falcons defensive tackle, Grady Jarrett but one question, what’s taking y’all (NFL) so long to realize that Brady just like everyone else, and not one player gets a pass. The NFL must fix their problem especially if a sack will result in a penalty, These refs are driving the game to turn from tackling to two-hand touch. I am saying this because since Super Bowl 56 when Tee Higgins pulled down Jalen Ramsey’s facemask and Ron Tolbert’s dumba++ saying it was a clean play really puts a bad taste in people’s mouths about the NFL. Even when you have former players and coaches like Tony Dungy and even Rich Eisen call out the NFL for these calls, again you have a problem. I know Roger has a lot on his plate this is his responsibility to make sure every game is fair and the officials are fair but he might have to get to the point that either he needs to create a program for his referees to learn about the game and how it’s played like knowing the difference between a clean sack and roughing call. These refs need to go through a program that helps them to develop their character better and how to handle the crowds and players. If they can’t, then if Roger Goodell thought Monday night was scary for him to witness, he ain’t seen nothing yet. Do better refs!

Raiders/Chiefs Highlights (Don’t worry about the Video Unavailable part just click on the link):


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