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End of Season Predictions For The Chiefs

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Derek Dietz  @OriginalMrDietz 

The Kansas City Chiefs are seven games in to the NFL season, leaving just ten remaining.  If you read my prior articles, I had them at 5-2 with losses to the Chargers and Bills. Well, they are still 5-2 with the losses going against the Colts and Bills. Not bad I’d say.

Now is a suitable time to look at the next 10 weeks and my way-too-early prediction for the remainder of the season.

Week 9- Tennessee

This should be a win for the Chiefs. Tannehill is doubtful, and Andy Reid is historically phenomenal after bye weeks. Hopefully, the defense can slow down Derrick Henry (no one else has this year). If he can be contained to 100 yards and 1 TD, I like the Chiefs 31-20.

Week 10- Jacksonville

There’s not much to say here.. Jacksonville is a team desperate for a win, but I do not think they have the horse power to pull off an upset in Arrowhead. This should be an easy Chiefs victory.

Week 11- @ LA Chargers

The Chargers are a wounded animal. I would expect the Chargers to make their best effort, but there is no home field advantage in Los Angeles. The Chiefs take a win on the road. The injuries continue to pile up for the Chargers, and Brandon Staley’s job is questioned after this loss.

Week 12- LA Rams

In my opinion, the Rams don’t seem to have it, despite a great year last year. They look like a .500 ball club at best. While it’s possible, I think it will take a miracle for them to come into Arrowhead and win. Chiefs win this one barring disaster.

Week 13- @ Cincinnati Bengals

Hmmmm..  This is one I think the Chiefs will lose. The Bengals have too many good skill players. Ja’Marr Chase might be back as well. The Bengals will be up for this game, and this will be a great test for the young Chiefs D-Backs. Chiefs were 0-2 against them last year, will revenge play a factor?

Week 14- @ Denver

The Broncos play stout defense, but I am not sure it will matter. Russ can’t cook anymore and HC Hackett looks overmatched at every level.  They are an extremely limited team that have to have a lot of things go right for them in order to win. I’ve got the Chiefs winning this one.

Week 15- Houston Texans

Well, to put it bluntly, the Chiefs better win this one. The Texans are a historically bad franchise and currently one of the worst teams in the league. The Chiefs should take care of business and make quick work in this one. Ideally this will end with Chad Henne playing the entire fourth quarter.

Week 16- Seattle Seahawks

This one sounded different in August. However, Pete Carroll has Geno Smith playing like an all-pro. The Seahawks are solid on both sides of the ball. They had a really good draft and those picks are playing well.  Could they shock the world and pop the Chiefs for a loss at home? Maybe. This game is a long way off, but I will go with a Seahawk upset.

Week 17- Denver

Again, the Broncos should be outgunned and not have much to play for. I will go with the Chiefs with an easy home victory.

Week 18- @ Las Vegas Raiders

The season finale is in Vegas. Much like the Chargers, there is truly little home field advantage for the Raiders. They are off to a terrible start to the season and have shown little signs of improvement. I do not see the Chiefs losing this game.

Add all this up, and I have the Chiefs going 8-2 down the stretch with losses to the Bengals and Seahawks. The overall record of 13-4 is my final prediction. While these losses may be questionable, I can see them being sleeper teams. Either way, the Chiefs will likely finish this season in a strong way.

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