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Frank Clark Family Foundation Interview Recap

By: Justin Miles (@justm1les)

I recently had the opportunity to attend the Frank Clark Family Foundation Turkey Drive. This was an awesome experience and it was very obvious just how much Frank loves to give back. During the event, I was able to visit with Frank to talk more about his foundation and the great things he has been doing.

When asked about what sparked the start of his foundation, Clark said, “I was already doing things in the community, but I was always this guy who was kind of humble about doing things and not wanting the attention on me… I am doing this solely because I want to. I try to do more and more from a standpoint of things that I went through directly. That’s why I cater to things specifically like children in the intercity and women.” Clark also went on to state that he spends a lot of time at homeless shelters giving back too.

He gave credit to his rough childhood as why he wants to give back to those in need. He stated that he wants to be the guy he needed when he was growing up. This is very inspirational and it shows how humble of a guy he really is. Not many athletes can directly relate to the people of the city more than Clark.

Frank has been doing some amazing things across Kansas City. When asked what he liked about the city, his answer was simple. “The best thing is the people”, he stated. He went on to say, “The people have a lot of pride. It’s a real blue-collar city, not one of those cities where… everybody is all flashy and drives these fancy cars. A city that’s been built on hard working people.” Clark said that he also comes from a “hard-knock” city so he can relate very much to the people of Kansas City. “It’s the grind every day getting up to go to work. One of those cities where everything is earned, never given. I feel like I fit right in”. There is no doubt that Kansas City sure is appreciative of what Frank is doing both on and off the field.

Later, Clark stated, “I was doing stuff (for the community) before, but I didn’t really have the foundation behind it.. So everything was just me doing it.. But I finally just started doing it the right way. Doing it through the organization, for the people who I love.. bringing our vision to life. Just doing things in our community.”

Seeing a player of his caliber who is willing to help those in need was an awesome experience. Frank made sure to greet every person there with a hug, autograph, or whatever the fan wanted. He is a genuine person who truly cares about helping those in need. Clark and his organization have truly blessed Kansas City.

Clark is set to return from a league-issued suspension this week and he is hungry to get back out there. Through 7 games this season, Clark racked up 15 total tackles and 3 sacks. From the sound of things, he’s ready to come back better than ever.

When asked about any personal goals he had for the remainder of the season, Clark said, “Just to continue growing. I feel like I have a lot to prove. Especially this year, coming back from my suspension. There’s a lot of football to be played and this half of the season is going to get interesting.. I love the cold. It brings out the true football players. I’m just really looking forward to it.”

I think Chief fans are also looking forward to it. I expect Clark to be more dominant than ever once he returns. Clark is due for an extension soon. We hope to keep the 3x Pro Bowler in the city for a while longer.

Chiefs Focus thanks Frank Clark and his foundation for all of the amazing things they have done for the city. They are impacting so many lives. We are excited to have Clark back on the field and wish him the best of luck. Go Chiefs!


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