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The 2023 NFL Free Agent QB Class

The 2023 Free Agent QB Class Is Looking Like A Great One.. Let’s Check It Out.

Lamar Jackson outshines Tom Brady as Ravens down struggling Bucs - The Boston Globe
The Boston Globe

While the rest of the free agency market has much to be desired for this offseason, the quarterback market will see a lot of movement for needy teams.

The most popular quarterback set to hit free agency is Tom Brady. At age 45, Brady is by far the most experienced QB in the market. His ability to read a defense and tear a defense apart both deep down the field and with little pass is still relevant. His biggest flaw is he continued to lose his ability to move around and outside the pocket. He will have to go to an offense that has a solid o-line and quality defenders. It is possible that Brady ends up retiring and this is mute.

Baker Mayfield is a quarterback that rubs a lot of fans the wrong way. He spent time on three different rosters over the last calendar year. Once the Cleveland Browns traded for Deshaun Watson, Baker’s time with the team was on a timer. In the month of September, he was traded to one of the most dysfunctional teams in the league, Carolina Panthers. He has since ended the season with the Las Angeles Rams, who he could very well sign an extension with.

Despite a current injury, Jimmy Garoppolo is more than likely not going back to the 49ers. After restructuring his contract, Garoppolo ensured that he could not be franchise tagged. With Brock Purdy and Trey Lance, the 49ers quarterback room is full. Garoppolo is a veteran QB who even has some playoff experience and could be a great addition for the right team.

Brock Purdy, Geno Smith and the Relentless NFL Narrative Machine - The New York Times
The New York Times

Geno Smith had a great season with the Seattle Seahawks this year. After having a career filled with mostly back up rolls, Pete Carroll let Smith cook and showed off to the world he still has talent. Smith had many in the football world questioning what other quarterbacks may have been given up too early in their playing careers. Smith will end the year top ten in passing touchdowns, QBR and yards. For a chunk of the year, Smith even led the league in QBR. While the Seahawks may end up signing him to a long term deal, his production may revitalize other players careers.

Career backup guys like Teddy Bridgewater, Gardner Minshew, Taylor Heinicke and Mike White have all shown that they possess the talent to win games. While experience varies between these players, it is reasonable to expect most of these players will change rosters before the start of training camp for the 2023 season.

The last two on this list are in different situations in their career. Lamar Jackson has been in a contract dispute with the Ravens for a couple of years now and Derek Carr will be cut by the Raiders.

Officially, Lamar Jackson will also end up as a free agent but it is more than likely that the Ravens will end up giving him the franchise tag. That does not guarantee that he ends up as a Raven come the 2023 football season as he would be worth a haul of draft picks for another team to acquire.

Ravens-Raiders Week 1 Fantasy Outlook - Sports Illustrated Baltimore Ravens News, Analysis and More
Sports Illustrated

Derek Carr is not officially a free agent. He is currently employed by the Las Vegas Raiders but he was recently benched and separated from the team. His benching is an attempt to save the team 40 million dollars by making sure that Carr is able to pass a physical. If Carr were to get injured, an injury guarantee clause in his contract would generate that money. The Raiders are essentially wrapping Carr in bubble wrap because new head coach Josh McDaniels wants to move off Carr.

There are alot of teams that are going to be in need of a new quarterback. The Buccaneers, Colts, Falcons, Saints, Texans, Commanders, Panthers and Cardinals will need new quarterbacks. Some teams like the Panthers, Texans, Falcons, and Colts will have an opportunity to draft a quarterback in the top ten of the NFL draft.

The Buccaneers, Cardinals, and Saints are more likely to pick up a veteran. The Cardinals don’t need to draft a quarterback.  Kyler Murray is their guy with how late his injury happened in the year it’s not reasonable to expect him to return to start the year.

There are eight teams that might want to move their QB for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s injury, on field production or conflict with the coach these teams might move on. The Giants, Rams, Miami, Patriots, Titans, Ravens, Lions and Raiders.


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