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Kansas City could find their long term punt returner in in the Draft

Nikko Remigio is a smaller athletic wide receiver that has shown the ability to make big plays in open space and has shown the ability to create large returns on punts. 

nikko Remingio
Nikko Remingio (ESPN)

The Chiefs traded for Kadarius Toney midseason to help plug up the need for a punt returner after injuries and Sky Moore’s struggles. While Toney has proved his ability to flip the field on punt returns his injury history should put the Chiefs on the lookout for a plan B. Andy Reid also does not put top receivers out to return punts, especially during the regular season. The biggest example of this is Tyreek Hill. When Hill started to move his way up the depth chart he was no longer the Chiefs’ main punt returner. 

 Remigio played last season at Fresno State as their punt returner and wide receiver. He was able to take two punts to the house. His most impressive punt return came against U Conn. On that return, he broke six tackles including four within the first three yards of catching the punt. 

During the punt, he showed his elusiveness and ability to read the field. Coming into the NFL having that skill set will help him become an immediate contributor to whatever team ends up drafting him.

Remigio did spend an extra year in college as he spent his first four years at the University of California and spent his last year at Fresno. In his last season he had 69 catches for 768 yards with five touchdowns.

Fresno State also used him in the jet sweep motion. He was competent and able to take advantage of getting the ball in open space.

Remigio’s biggest flaw comes with his size. He is 5-11 and weighed in at 183 pounds. His 40-yard dash time is just a hair below the average NFL time. Despite his smaller size, he has shown the ability to go over the middle of the field to catch contested passes. These measures are going to keep him from getting picked early in the draft. 

His experience is also going to keep him from getting picked early in the draft. Coming from Fresno state he is not coming from a conference or a team that runs NFL offenses. He is limited to running a much simpler receiver route tree. This is an area a good coach can improve once he gets into the NFL but is just another reason he will fall in the draft.

Remigio could be drafted in the sixth round with the overall 197 picks. This is one of the picks the Chiefs acquired in the Hill trade during the 2022 offseason. With some time in the NFL, he can develop into a long-term wide receiver.  


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