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How High Can Skyy Moore Ascend In 2023?

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BY Devin Hoover @DevinHoover11

We are just two weeks away from the NFL Draft, and it seems that much of Chiefs Kingdom has already forgotten about their second-round pick from just a year ago, Skyy Moore. There’s been more buzz around Justyn Ross, an undrafted player who may not even make the final roster, than Skyy Moore. While it wasn’t an ideal rookie year, Moore stepped up and proved his worth just about every time he was called upon. The Chiefs currently have a thin roster at the WR position, but that could be addressed in the draft. Moore is currently somewhere between WR2-WR3 on the roster and has an outside chance at being WR1 depending on injuries. So, just how can Skyy reach new heights?

Skyy Can Separate

Skyy Moore may be short for the position, but he is also the most versatile WR on the Chiefs roster. Moore can lineup outside, at the slot, and even in the backfield if the Chiefs wanted to use him there. The only things he won’t do is catch an end-zone fade, or a lot of back-shoulder passes. He’s even great at contested catches thanks to his large hand size. However, the thing that Skyy does better than anything else is creating separation. I think we can all recall this moment:

Of course, that much separation wasn’t created solely because of Skyy Moore, as Toney did on a similar play just the drive before, but the point still stands. Skyy has immaculate footwork which allows him to separate from even the best defenders like Derwin James:

When you can make arguably the best safety in football look like he’s lost, then you know there is the potential for greatness there. Even stemming back to his college days Moore showed the ability to get open, and to do it quickly.

Moore has one of the best early releases in the NFL, so what does that mean for the Chiefs going forward?

The Chiefs Need Moore

Andy Reid made it clear that he expects Moore to step up in 2023, but I’m not convinced he couldn’t have been a huge piece in 2022. Of course, it all worked out in the end, but the Chiefs seem to have a resistance to using rookies unless they are forced to. Skyy will now enter his second season a few spots higher on the depth chart thanks to the departure of Juju Smith-Schuster and Mecole Hardman. Even if the Chiefs were to draft a rookie in the first round, who is to say they would see significant play time, especially early on in the season?

One of the biggest issues in recent years is finding receivers outside of Tyreek Hill who can create separation, and the Chiefs have now found that in both Kadarius Toney and Skyy Moore. If both players can stay healthy, they can form a dynamic duo that is being seriously underrated. Not to mention both players will be elevated by Mahomes in turn. The WR2 job is currently Moore’s to lose barring a trade for Deandre Hopkins.

In short, the biggest thing holding back Skyy Moore was opportunity. Now that he has been in the system for a year, and has had time to develop his game even further, well I believe there’s only one thing left to say: The Skyy is the limit.


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