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Mahomes’ Mission

P. Mahomes : The Wall Street Journal
The Wall Street Journal / Article by Thomas Minor @universalchiefs


Let there be no doubt, Patrick Mahomes is on a mission.  He wants to become the greatest player to ever play in the National Football League.  The league’s biggest star may be well on his way to doing so.  I am not alone in thinking this.  There are many in the sports world that share these same sentiments but do not take our words as fact.  Let us look at what Mahomes has achieved thus far in his career.


The Mad Passer 

P.Mahomes :Athlon Sports
Athlon Sports


Patrick Mahomes is one of two players in the history of the National Football League with multiple seasons of 5,000 yards passing with 40 touchdown passes.  Through the first 75 games of his career, Mahomes is the greatest passer of all time.  He has amassed 22,576 yards in those first 75 games.  The next closest passer is Mathew Stafford, and Mahomes is over 1,300 yards better than him.


Not only has Patrick Mahomes thrown the ball at an elite level, but he has found the endzone at an elite level, as well.  Through the first 75 games, Patrick Mahomes has thrown 180 touchdown passes.  The next closest player is Dan Marino with 173 touchdown passes (which is insane for a quarterback in that era).  When you start hearing, “This has never been done before,” on a consistent basis next to your name in a positive manner, you are destined for greatness.


Is Patrick Mahomes the highest-rated passer in NFL history?  Well, the numbers say yes.  Again, through the first 75 games of his career, Mahomes has a passer rating of 105.7.  This nudges out Aaron Rodgers who has a rating of 104.2 through his first 75 games.


“All I do is win, win, win no matter what!” 

P. Mahomes


The most important component of greatness is winning, and winning is what Patrick Mahomes has done since becoming the starting quarterback for the Chiefs.  He has 59 wins in the first 75 starts of his career.  He has bested NFL Hall of Famers like Ken Stabler, Roger Staubach, and Tom Brady.


Currently, Patrick Mahomes’ overall record as an NFL quarterback is 64-16.  That is an 80%-win rate.  To put this into perspective, eight out of every ten times Mahomes steps on the field, he is going to win.  That is beyond impressive.  Not only is this beyond impressive, but currently, it is the best in the history of the NFL.  Granted, Patrick Mahomes must sustain this over a career, but he is well on his way.


If you think his overall win-loss record is impressive, look at his record in the AFC West division.  Patrick Mahomes is 27-3 against his AFC West foes.  Yes, I said 27-3, and that is not a typo.  Out of all the insane statistics and records that Patrick Mahomes has accomplished, this is the most impressive of the bunch.  He is winning inside his division at a 90% clip.


Super Bowl Success

P.Mahomes:Niners Wire-USA Today
Niners Wire-USA Today


Success is measured in Super Bowls and more specifically Super Bowl wins!  It is well documented that Tom Brady has won the most Super Bowls in the history of the NFL.  His overall record is 7-3 in the big game.  Through Brady’s first six seasons, he appeared in three Super Bowls for the New England Patriots and recorded a 3-0 record.


Mahomes:Kansas City Chiefs
Kansas City Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes has also appeared in three Super Bowls in his first six seasons.  He has a record of 2-1.  His only loss was to Tom Brady and the Buccaneers.  Who knows what the outcome of that game would have been if he hadn’t lost both starting offensive tackles?  With that said, you need to be very good and have a little luck to win a bunch of Super Bowls.


Mr. Consistency

Mahomes:Pro Football Network
Pro Football Network

Mahomes hasn’t been good, he has been awesome!  Since taking over the QB1 position in Kansas City at the beginning of the 2018 season, Mahomes has led his team to the AFC championship game for five consecutive seasons.  That is tied for third best in National Football League history with the 1973-1977 Raiders (5), and only trailing the 1950-1955 Cleveland Browns (6) and the 2011-2018 New England Patriots (8).  Year in and year out, Patrick Mahomes has been the definition of consistency.


Understanding that equaling Tom Brady in Super Bowl victories is an incredibly huge task to undertake, but it is not insurmountable.  Are the odds against Patrick Mahomes?  Yes.  I am sure that the Patriot faithful were not thinking the sixth-round draft pick out of Michigan would bring them six Super Bowl championships either, but he did.  Like Brady, Mahomes seems to rise to the occasion, especially, when the odds are against him.


P.Mahomes: ESPN YouTube


How many years will Patrick Mahomes Play?  I am not sure, but I hope it is for at least another ten seasons minimum.  How great will Patrick Mahomes become?  Again, I am not sure, but I foresee him continuing to rewrite the record books of the National Football League and competing for the title of the most Super Bowl victories in the history of the game.  If Patrick Mahomes walked away from the game today, would he be a first-ballot Hall of Famer?  Yes, he would.  With his surreal physical skills, high football acumen, incredible desire, and passion to be the best, opposing NFL teams would love for Mahomes to do so.  Breaking news!  He is not going anywhere, anytime soon, and the league best be ready!


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