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Foco Sports has done it again!

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                                                                 FOCO Releasing Kansas City Royals Americana Bobbleheads!


Team mascots are a great way to get the crowd hyped and entertained during today’s modern-day baseball game.  They’ve been around forever and the vibe and energy they bring to any game is truly unmatched and displays the utmost team spirit for the fans at the game and for all the sports fanatics everywhere!!  We got some good news for you guys, Royals Nation, that you don’t want to miss out on! 

Our buddies at FOCO are back at it again with yet another Kansas City Royals bobblehead.  This bobblehead is super unique and a brand new never before seen concept released by FOCO this past Saturday morning and it is the Kansas City Royals Slugger Americana Mascot Bobblehead!

This bobblehead is part of a larger collection of Americana Mascot Bobbleheads across the MLB, NBA, NCAA, and NFL.  The bobbleheads feature the respective team mascot dressed to the nines in their USA top hat and Americana blazer repping the red, white, and blue Royals style! 

The bobbleheads are individually numbered out of 144 units that are available now in stock and will ship immediately upon purchase.  This awesome collection goes for $65 retail per bobblehead standing at 8 inches tall and makes for the perfect fit to your Kansas City Royals collection at home!  

As always, like all FOCO bobbleheads, each one is handcrafted and hand-painted so no two are exactly the same. Don’t wait to pick up the Kansas City Royals Americana Mascot Bobblehead for your collection!



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