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Noah Gray: Hidden Potential in the Chiefs’ Tight End

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The Kansas City Chiefs, known for their explosive offense led by quarterback Patrick Mahomes, have been a perennial playoff contender in recent years. One area where the Chiefs have consistently excelled is in their talent evaluation and player development. Their latest prospect, Noah Gray, seems to be a testament to their ability to uncover hidden gems. Despite the 2023 NFL Draft being hailed as a heralded class for tight ends, the Chiefs decided not to select a tight end, instead putting their faith in Gray. This raises the question: Do the Chiefs see something special in Noah Gray?


The Chiefs’ Tight End Legacy


Before diving into the Chiefs’ perspective on Noah Gray, it’s important to understand the significance of the tight end position in Kansas City’s offensive scheme. The Chiefs’ offense thrives on mismatches, and a versatile tight end can create problems for opposing defenses. Travis Kelce, the most dominant tight end in the league, and arguably of all time, has showcased the importance of the position within the Chiefs’ game plan.


Noah Gray’s Skill Set


While Noah Gray may not possess the same level of hype or collegiate accolades as some of the tight ends in the 2023 NFL Draft class, the Chiefs see something unique in his skill set. 

Gray’s route running and ability to find soft spots in the defense are the strengths of his game. He has good football intelligence, reads defenses well, and can adjust his routes based on what opposing defenses throw at him. Additionally, he has solid athleticism and agility, allowing him to make contested catches and gain yards after the catch. While he may not possess elite size or speed, his technical proficiency and football IQ make him a valuable asset within the Chiefs’ system.

Chiefs’ Trust in Player Development

One reason the Chiefs opted not to select a tight end in the 2023 NFL Draft could be their unwavering confidence in their ability to develop talent. Over the years, the Chiefs have transformed lesser-known players into key contributors. They turned Kelce, a relatively unknown third-round pick in 2013, into a perennial All-Pro and one of the most dominant tight ends in league history. This success story, along with others, serves as a testament to the Chiefs’ belief in their coaching staff’s ability to unlock a player’s full potential.


Gray’s Fit within the Chiefs’ Offense

The Chiefs’ offensive system relies heavily on exploiting mismatches, pre-snap motion, and unique play calling . Noah Gray’s skill set aligns well with the Chiefs’ offensive philosophy. His route running and ability to find soft spots in the defense make him an ideal target for Mahomes, who excels at improvising and extending plays. Gray’s versatility as a pass catcher and his understanding of the game give the Chiefs another weapon to deploy alongside Kelce and their potent wide receiving corps.



The Chiefs’ decision not to draft a tight end in the heralded 2023 class speaks volumes about their faith in Noah Gray. While other teams were vying for the top tight end prospects, the Chiefs saw something special in Gray’s game and bet on their ability to develop him into a valuable contributor. With their successful track record of player development and their innovative offensive scheme, the Chiefs have the infrastructure in place to maximize Gray’s potential.


Noah Gray may not have generated as much pre-draft buzz as some of his peers, but the Chiefs’ confidence in his abilities suggests that he has the potential to be a significant factor in their offense in the coming seasons. As the Chiefs continue to build their dynasty.


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