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Tom Brady’s Potential Move to the Raiders: A Comparison to Michael Jordan with the Wizards?


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By:  Ulysses Bestey Jr . Chiefs Focus

There are a few legendary athletes who have become synonymous with success and dominance in their fields. Michael Jordan and Tom Brady are among the first ones to come to mind. During their prime, they achieved crazy amounts of success. Also ended up leaving a legacy on their team, the likes of which the teams haven’t experienced since their departure.  However, towards the end of their careers, they made surprising moves that raised eyebrows and left fans wondering if they could recreate the magic in a different uniform. This article will compare Tom Brady’s potential move to the Raiders with Michael Jordan’s stint with the Washington Wizards and explore the similarities and differences between these two iconic sports figures.

  1. Late-Career Moves:

Both Tom Brady and Michael Jordan made headlines with their unexpected late-career moves. Jordan retired from the Chicago Bulls in 1998 and surprised everyone by coming out of retirement in 2001 to play for the Washington Wizards, a team of which he had ownership of at the time. Surprisingly, After 20 seasons and six Super Bowl victories with the New England Patriots, Brady shocked the football world by buying a stake in the Las Vegas Raiders in 2023. Could Tom come out of retirement for the team in which he owns?

  1. Legacy and Iconic Status:

Tom Brady’s legacy as one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history was firmly established during his time with the New England Patriots. His six Super Bowl victories, numerous records, and consistent performances made him an icon in the sport. Similarly, Michael Jordan’s legacy was built during his dominant years with the Chicago Bulls, where he won six NBA championships and earned the title of the greatest basketball player of all time.

  1. Success and Impact:

While both athletes experienced immense success during their prime years, the question is, will their careers continue to share the same arc? Brady bought into the Raiders along with Mark Davis. It’s safe to assume that Tom wants more than merely a financial return on investment, but also a winning product on the field. His leadership and winning mentality transformed the team into contenders while he was on the field. Could he bring the same influence from the ownership level? Jordan’s time with the Wizards did not yield that level of success. Despite impressive individual performances, he was unable to guide the team to the playoffs during his two-year time with them. 

  1. Age and Physical Demands:

Age and physical demands play a crucial role when comparing these two scenarios. Tom Brady, at the time of his potential move to the Raiders, would be in his mid-40s, an age at which most quarterbacks retire. The physical demands of football are significant, and sustaining the same level of play at an advanced age can be challenging. Conversely, Michael Jordan, in his early 40s during his Wizards tenure, faced similar challenges in basketball. However, the dynamic nature of basketball allowed him to exhibit his skills and contribute effectively despite his age.

5. Team Dynamics and Surrounding Talent:

Team dynamics and the surrounding talent also played a role in the success of these late-career moves. Tom Brady’s potential move to the Raiders would be contingent upon the quality of the team’s roster and coaching staff. The presence of talented receivers, a solid offensive line, and a competent coaching system would enhance Brady’s chances of success. Similarly, Michael Jordan’s time with the Wizards was influenced by the team’s overall composition and the level of talent around him.


It remains to be seen whether Brady will be on the field to play for the Raiders. The comparisons between Tom Brady potentially joining the Raiders as an owner player and Michael Jordan’s stint with the Wizards are intriguing. They also highlight the unique nature of each sport and the challenges faced by athletes in the latter stages of their careers. While Brady’s move represents an opportunity to revive a struggling franchise, Jordan’s Wizards experience did not yield that same level of success. Ultimately, the impact and success of this late-career and possible move will be determined by a combination of individual talent, surrounding team dynamics, and the age-related physical challenges faced by these legendary athletes.


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