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A Tale of Cult Classics: Exploring the Parallels between Frank Clark and Iconic Films

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Cult classics have a unique allure that transcends their initial reception and gain a  dedicated and passionate fan base over time. In the same way that movies amass a cult following, like Sharknado, so has Frank Clark, the Kansas City Chiefs’ former defensive end. This article is going to look into the parallels between a cult classic film and the cult-like following Frank Clark has garnered within the Chiefs Kingdom over the past few years. 

The Birth of a Cult Classic:

Cult classic films often start as underappreciated gems, overlooked upon their initial release. They have probably struggled at the box office, or not had the budget as bigger films. Time keeps passing, and the following of the films grow. Frank Clark’s Chiefs career, from 2019 until the end of the 2022 season has seemed to have gone down a similar path. Some didn’t fully embrace him during his inaugural season with the Chiefs, seeing that he did not live up to the hype, not unlike how a cult classic initially faces skepticism.

Cultivating an Undying Fandom:

Crazy memorable characters, offbeat storylines, and even unforgettable situations are things that win over fans. Clark’s impact on the field, especially through the postseason has been what won over fans.

The postseason is where he has really made his most memorable marks. Clark is only 2.5 sacks behind Willie McGinest in the postseason with 16. There’s a high probability Clark could get that record, and even more than likely that record gets surpassed with one more deep postseason run. 

The Power of Identification:

Cult classics often resonate deeply with fans on a personal level. They portray themes or characters that audiences find relatable or inspiring, creating a sense of connection and identification. Similarly, Frank Clark’s story of redemption and overcoming adversity struck a chord with Chiefs fans. They saw themselves in his journey, embracing him as a symbol of resilience and second chances. Clark’s off-field efforts, including community engagement, further solidified his image as a player who genuinely cared, endearing him to the Chiefs Kingdom.

Currently a Free agent, Frank wants to continue to play and add to his post-season legacy.  The team that decides to bring him in will be getting a competitor that is confident in what he brings to the table and knows exactly when to turn IT on, which results in the opposing quarterback being on the ground.


Cult classics and the cult-like following surrounding Frank Clark within the Chiefs Kingdom share a few similarities. Cult classics and Frank Clark have become iconic figures in their respective realms. As fans continue to celebrate and embrace the enduring legacy of both, they demonstrate the lasting impact that extraordinary individuals and captivating stories can have.



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