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Norma Hunt’s Legacy: The Chiefs Matriarch



Norma Hunt, the widow of Chiefs founder Lamar Hunt passed away on Sunday at the age of 85. She’s known as the matriarch of the NFL and rightfully so. In a statement released by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, it reads in part: “The entire NFL family is deeply saddened by the passing of Norma Hunt, who was a significant presence in the NFL for the last seven decades”. You can read the entire statement here. Lamar Hunt, Norma’s late husband was the original founder of the Chiefs organization in 1960 and was chairman of the team until his death in 2006. Their son Clark has been chairman ever since. However, Norma Hunt’s legacy goes far beyond being part of the Chiefs organization. Clark and the entire Hunt family in their own statement said in part “Mom was steadfastly devoted to her family and fiercely passionate about her family’s sports teams”. You can read the entire statement here.

Notable Ownership Stakes and Achievements

The Hunt family had the initial founding investment of the Chicago Bulls in January 1966. We know how historic they’ve turned out to be with winning six NBA championships through the 1990s.

Norma was the only woman to attend every Super Bowl that’s ever been played, including the Chiefs’ last two Super Bowl victories in 2019 and last year. Speaking of Super Bowls, the Hunt family and the Chiefs were part of the AFL-NFL merger in 1967.

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Perhaps the most noteworthy feather in the cap of Norma and the Hunt family is the founding of Major League Soccer in December 1993. Sporting Kansas City was created two years later. Additionally, FC Dallas is owned by Clark. Their fingerprints are all over the sports world, NFL and beyond. As you might expect, the reaction to Norma’s passing has made waves through the Chiefs organization and beyond.

Reaction From Chiefs Players

The Chiefs had their trip to the White House on Monday to celebrate the victory in Super Bowl 57. Norma was understandably on their minds. Patrick Mahomes said, “There’s no better way to celebrate her than having the Lamar Hunt trophy and the Super Bowl trophy and being at the White House showing how great the Kansas City Chiefs organization is”. Head coach Andy Reid said, “I can picture her with Lamar up in heaven united once again”. I expect the team to do something special in her honor before the season begins. Everyone at Chiefs Focus sends their thought and prayers to the Hunt family at this time.


Other News

There is other notable news aside from the Chiefs’ trip to the White House on Monday. Tuesday begins the final stage of OTAs which on their schedule goes from June 6th-9th. Shortly after, the three-day mandatory minicamp will be from June 13th-15th. Head coach Andy Reid will be available for media availability later this week so keep an eye on that. After the three-day minicamp, everyone is scheduled to reconvene at training camp which doesn’t begin until July.


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