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FOCO Unveils Highly Anticipated K.C. Wolf Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp Sliding Bobblehead

Get ready to celebrate the return of Kansas City Chiefs footballas FOCO, a leading manufacturer of officially licensed sports and entertainment merchandise, released a brand new K.C. Wolf Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp Sliding Bobblehead. This bobblehead features K.C. Wolf atop a Chiefs themed base pushing a sled. On the side of the base there is a mechanism that allows the bobblehead to move across the base imitating a blocking drill on the sled!

The K.C. Wolf Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp bobblehead is part of a training camp collection features a sliding bobblehead for select NFL and college teams, meticulously designed to incorporate the essence of each respective team. 

As with any highly sought-after collectible, FOCO understands the importance of exclusivity. The K.C. Wolf Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp bobblehead collection is a limited-edition release, with just 144 units for each one. This limited availability creates a sense of urgency among collectors, enhancing the excitement surrounding the release. It also retails for $95 and stands close to 8in tall. 

The K.C. Wolf Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp bobbleheadwill be available through, FOCO’s official website. As demand is expected to be high, it is recommended that fans act swiftly to secure their favorite team’s bobblehead.

The release of the K.C. Wolf Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp bobblehead by FOCO marks an exciting moment for fans of the Chiefs and collectors alike. By intertwining the timeless charm of the K.C. wolf and the interactivity of this bobblehead, FOCO has created a unique and collectible experience that will be cherished by fans for years to come. Don’t miss the opportunity to own a piece of this exceptional collaboration. Add one to your collection here!


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