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Note to the Swifties: Welcome to the Kingdom

Note To the Swifties: Welcome to the Kingdom
Written by: Chris Rubio

It’s a rare thing. It’s hard to recall a more widespread connection of megastars than what we are now witnessing with Taylor and Travis and whatever they happen to be doing. I can’t recall a more watched celebrity couple that included a Sports Star. Truthfully though what is going on? Are they? Aren’t they? Does anyone know? In the event that what they are doing is initiating a new Love Story, then let’s all say yes! If you were anywhere on the planet, you would be able to see the clips of Taylor cheering in Arrowhead Stadium last Sunday and, in true fan fashion, throwing out an LFG cheer when Travis caught that improvised Touchdown from Patrick Mahomes. The Touchdown was beautiful and so fitting for our newest fan Taylor Swift to witness that live and in person.

There are some things that the Swifties should know about our Chiefs.

Our Quarterback is Patrick Mahomes EE – Oh, and he’s the one who throws our passes and will stay away from Juliet. You will hear many nicknames for our quarterback. The most fitting nickname is Showtime. If you watch long enough, he will do something that we haven’t seen in a game, and the one that Chiefs fans are holding our breath on is a behind-the-back pass. It’s never been done in a football game. With so much risk riding on each game, it’s understandable why no one would attempt it. With this number of new fans, who knows? Maybe with all of you Swifties watching Chiefs games, if you watch our team long enough this Season we might see this behind-the-back pass in a game. Let’s hope it comes at a meaningful moment. If it happens, you can help us break the internet watching and re-watching. You should also know that if Travis catches a touchdown, he’s likely to dance, and the boy’s got some moves (watch here). What about a behind-the-back Touchdown to Travis? That would be epic.

Source: Marca

We call our fan-base Chiefs-Kingdom similar to you Swifties.
Our team plays in the most amazing Stadium in the NFL called Arrowhead Stadium. Our home is in a small Middle-American town, Kansas City. If you have an opportunity to come to a game, starting right from your landing, you will experience the modernized new airport in Kansas City. It’s a fantastic experience right from landing to Arrowhead Stadium game day. A must-see visit is an area called Country-Club Plaza. The Plaza is loaded with great restaurants, and who knows? You might run into the happy couple in this area. On game day, if you come to Arrowhead Stadium, you might run into Taylor, as you can see from the videos that she was close enough to many fans. The Chiefs fans have legendary pre-game tailgates, and you may make new friends and enjoy some fantastic barbecue.

Arrowhead Stadium is the NFL’s loudest Stadium, meaning our fans cheer the loudest. We hold the record for the most vociferous crowd in the NFL at 142.2 decibels. At the start of the game, when singing the national anthem, we end the anthem with “the land of the free, and the home of the CHIEEEFFS” watch here.

During the game, our team is among the most creative playcallers in the league. You will see our team running around and motioning before the ball is snapped. Some people call this eye-candy. Our coach, Andy Reid, loves to keep our opponents guessing. Usually, if there is a trick play, he will name the play. Some notable plays over the past few years are: (click to watch each) Jet Chip Wasp, Shift to the Rosebowl Right Parade, Corn Dog, and our now famous Snow Globe. When the Chiefs run these plays, you will see our opponents shifting and confused, knowing Sh*t’s about to happen.

Source: Kansas City Star

Hopefully, this background will help you as you join us on this journey of hoping our team can repeat as Super Bowl Champions. Turning to this week’s game, here’s what we can expect:

Our opponent is the New York Jets. From all reports, it appears that Taylor will be at the game, which will be played in the New York City area. The Jets are a wounded underdog. The Jets came into the Season with high hopes of making it to the Superbowl, and unfortunately, their Quarterback Aaron Rogers was injured on only the 4th play of the Season and is likely lost for the Season. The Jets defense is young, fast and hungry. I am sure Travis Kelce will receive much attention from the Jets defense. Travis is simply so good at improvising on any play that he will find open spaces to operate.

When the Jets have the ball, we expect the Jets to hand the ball to a talented group of running backs. If successful, this strategy will keep the ball away from Patrick, Travis, and our offense, so it will be up to the emerging talent of the Chiefs, our defense, to try and prevent this from happening. The game is Sunday Night in New York so that it will be the national game, and I’m sure we will have a significant number of new viewers watching the game and Taylor rooting for our team.

Let’s embrace this moment and root for the happy couple. Let’s not be haters. Imagine for a moment if you were a megastar, where would you honestly meet people? People that can be trusted? It appears that Travis innocently pursued Taylor – way to go Trav! Isn’t it so innocent how he offered his phone number on a bracelet? I’m rooting for this Love Story to have a happy ending. Just imagine how it ends. With Travis talking to her Dad, and Taylor picking out a white dress, what a love story? Let’s all say Yes! Welcome to the Kingdom! We never go out of style!


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