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Finding the Rhythm

Finding the Rhythm
Written by Chris Rubio

When was the last time you got that new gadget? Maybe we are alike. I have a set amount of regular gadgets, meaning phones, headphones, apps I use. I have Rhythm with my devices. I mean my gadgets, and I are one. When it’s time for a change, I get all nervous. I ask myself if I really want to do this? I’m ready to back out at the slightest hint of a reason. So, becoming one with your devices takes a minute. Recently, I got a new phone; the conversion took hours. I was ready to back out and go back to the old phone. Change never starts perfectly. There’s a break-in period, a little adjustment, learning some of the new features, and next thing you know, we are all set and back in Rhythm. I can’t help but wonder about “Swelce” and how they are finding their Rhythm. For example, what if he’s a big-time sushi guy, but he finds out she’s not into it? Is that a deal breaker? Is the fact that she once rooted for a Pennsylvania football team a problem for him? What if she’s a rom-com chick, but he’s into action movies? What kind of adjustments do Superstars need to make to find their Rhythm? What does it take for an NFL team to find the Rhythm?


Source: San Diego Union Tribune

This year’s Chiefs team features some significant changes, and we have seen these changes manifest themselves with big-time adjustments needed. Let’s start with our all-important offensive line. We have two new tackles protecting both sides of our franchise player. We have Jawann Taylor and Donovan Smith. We have seen the most significant adjustment in getting used to Jawaan Taylor, our right tackle. Taylor currently leads the League with 9 penalties, 33% higher than the next worst player at this position. Taylor has been a primary target of referees after a much-publicized opening week where he was seemingly starting early on every snap on a nationally televised game. On the brighter side, Taylor was not flagged for any accepted penalties in the last game against the Vikings. It’s possible and hopeful that he is finding his Rhythm and becoming one with our game plan.

A major adjustment for our team is in the Wide-Receiver room. Last year’s team included the all-dependable JuJu Smith-Shuster and Mecole Hardman as veterans. In contrast, much has been reported about our current wide receiver room and the lack of experience at the position. I’m curious if you were as encouraged as I was in watching that high leaping catch by the physically dominant Justyn Ross, or in the Touchdown catch by Rashee Rice. These guys have dropped some passes this year, but on Sunday against the Vikings, it started to look like they had turned a corner.

Perhaps another adjustment is for our coaching staff to try to find more catches for Justin Watson. Already this year, we have seen Watson make some crucial drive-sustaining catches. On Sunday, Watson made not one, but two sparkling catches. The first one was a sideline toe-tap tightrope catch that helped the Chiefs get into field goal range to tie the game at 13 just before half-time. Can there be a more impressive catch than the 3rd and 18 grab that he made in Sunday’s game? This one was on the opening drive of the 2nd half with the Chiefs on the verge of having to punt. On this gem, Patrick Mahomes was moving backward and threw it where only Watson or his defender might come down with the ball, and Watson made the catch.
The Chiefs scored the tie-breaking touchdown on that drive, which would have otherwise ended without Watson’s catch. So, just maybe Justin Watson is finding his Rhythm with Patrick.

Source: Northern News Now

It’s early in the season, and don’t look now, but our team is improving weekly. Our defense just held the League’s best receiver to only three catches and no touchdowns. We are about to get Charles Omenihu back after this next game. To remind you, Omenihu was signed this year to be a game-wrecking defensive end. He hasn’t played a single down yet this season. How much fun will it be once he gets into a rhythm with Spags and Chris Jones? Our Chiefs are already standing alone on top of the AFC at 4-1, and any self-respecting Chiefs fan can see there is still work to do, but it’s coming.

So, like every season, there are some new faces around Arrowhead. They are just now beginning to show us that they have Rhythm, and we can see it coming. The most prominent new face we see has incredible Rhythm, Style and maybe she’s showing us what it looks like when you put it all together! Chiefs fans, our team is coming, we are already on top of the AFC, and we are going to get better. Incidentally, I finally got it together on my phone, and we are now one. A game is coming when our team is going to look like one. You’ll know it when you see it. When that happens, look out. Let’s go!


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