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Summary On this episode we go over the injury to Patrick Mahomes, the how, What and why, along with an accurate update on his injury

Divisional Round Postgame Show!

Summary On This Episode we discuss the Win against the Browns, a little unfiltered conversion about things we see along with the Injury to Patrick

Divisional Round post game show

Summary The Chiefs are back in the AFCCCG after a scary moment with Patrick Mahomes, injury reports predictions , giveaway newsand much more,

Divisional Round Showdown Weekend!

Summary On this Episode we have a special Guest on, Brandon from Chiefs Focus Stats Breakdown, information on the upcoming games, injury updates, and much

Kareem returns to KC!

Summary On this Episode we discuss the return of Kareem Hunt, the Texans Shabby Request to interview EB, injury reports and more! #RunItBackTour

The Wildcard Weekend show!

Summary On This Episode we go over all the playoff games, the Browns upcoming game versus the world Champion Chiefs, and much more, including GIVEAWAY

Wildcard Weekend, With A Twist.

Summary On This Episode We Have A Special Guest On To Go Over The Wildcard Teams, Who The OPOTY, DPOTY, Travis Kelces WPMOTY Award Chances,

Wildcard Weekend in review!

Summary On This Episode we go over all the Wildcard weekend Games and matchups! Travis Kelce, who the Chiefs may play, and more giveaway news,!

A Week 17 Preseason Game!

Summary On This Episode we discuss the playoff scenarios , injuries, fan Q&A AND A NEW GIVEAWAY CODE WORD!

#RunitBack Chiefs Kingdom On This Episode We go Over The %3 Man Roster, Potential signings, And The Seasn Opener, Predictions And More.