Category: Draft

The Chiefs Preseason Winners and Losers

It’s the final week of training camp. For the majority of the veterans, the heavy lifting is over. Most of them for the Chiefs will play in the final preseason finale at home against the Green Bay Packers. For Read More>

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Skyy is the Limit!!!

The Kansas City Chiefs made 10 picks during the 2022 NFL draft and will look to sign several other contributors during college free agency, adding an Read More>

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Early Roster Predictions

Before we even have a pre-season game, let us see what the staff writers are thinking as to who is in and who could be out.

Who is someone you see on Offense, which Read More>

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The Chiefs Tight End Room

As training camps are wrapping up, we are finally getting a glimpse of how teams are looking heading into the season. The Chiefs are in shape to put Read More>

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