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Setting the Lines

With all the turnover this past year, today we will take a look at stat projections for the key players on offense.
As you know it begins and ends with Patrick Mahomes. In four years as a starter, he averages a whopping 4,677 yards and 37.75 touchdowns. With the loss of Tyreek Hill, it is conceivable there is a slight drop off, but I do not see it. Official Prediction for Mahomes: 4500 yards, 35 touchdowns, and 9 INT.
Travis Kelce. To put it bluntly, he is Read More>

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Starting 22 predictions

The NFL draft has concluded and the offseason is winding down. The next big question is, who will be the starters? Well, I’m going to make my best prediction for all 22 starters and a couple of extras. These predictions will be based on the roster as of writing this article. The Chiefs may acquire new players that could compete for a starting position.

To begin with
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Two Moves to Complete the Roster

Here are my predictions for two big moves before the Chiefs start camp in St. Joe:
Big Move #1:

Trade a 2023 second round pick, 2023 fourth round pick, and a 2023 sixth round pick along with JuJu Smith Schuster to the Washington Commanders for Terry McLaurin.
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The most overrated players in NFL history

Who is the first player that comes to your mind when you think of overrated NFL players? I have a few that immediately come to mind and a couple more I had to think about for a little bit. I didn’t have any specific requirements when I made my list, just that I had to of seen a large amount of praise about this player>Read More

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Best Division in the NFL

The NFL is far different than college football. In college football, you know the SEC, the Big Ten, and the ACC will have a powerhouse team. In the NFL, with free agency, the draft, and retirements being a factor, last year’s hardest division could be next year’s weakest. So I will give my honest opinion and rank all 8 divisions in the NFL and explain why some are weak, and some are incredibly strong. Read More>

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Bacon, Egg, and Chiefs : Offseason Sundays in the Kingdom

Sure, the NBA Finals are tied 2-2 and look like they may go all the way to 7 games based on the back-and-forth nature of the series so far. Warriors in 7, as I’ve said from the jump. The NHL is getting ready to drop the puck on an extremely riveting Stanley Cup Finals matchup. The Colorado Avalanche have been an absolute wagon this postseason, only losing two games to the St. Louis Blues en route to a 12-2 Read More

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The Future of Orlando Brown

In response to the dreadful performance of the offensive line in Super Bowl LV in Tampa, Veach went to work overhauling the O-Line room with young talented players.
Left Tackle Orlando Brown Jr was: Read more>

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Potential Position Battles for Training Camp

With the Organized Team Activities (OTAs) wrapping up, the 2022 Training Camp is coming up. The Kansas City Chiefs have the luxury of keeping most of their roster stable, with a few exceptions, and a few big departures. Even with those big departures the holes left behind have been addressed. That doesn’t mean the roster is already set in stone and there is no room for competition. The Chiefs have a

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Aaron Donald Just Got P-A-I-D

In an offseason that has continually doled out jaw dropping contract details for free agents and players who were traded and extended, we may have just peaked. News broke this afternoon that the Rams and Canton-bound defensive tackle Aaron Donald reached an agreement on a reworked deal for the remaining three years of his contract. In short, Donald is getting about $40 million additional over the next three seasons, bringing the total value of his contract for the next three years to $95 million. He is the first non-quarterback in NFL history to surpass $30 million per season. Continue>

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