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Bacon, Egg, and Chiefs : Offseason Sundays in the Kingdom

Hindsight is a powerful thing, especially when you reach an “adult” age and look back on things that you wish you would have done when you were younger. We’re not going to go as far as to classify these feelings as regret – regrets hold their own place in each individual’s hallways of times passed. The things I’m referring to are generally more innocent, pills that are easier to swallow. For instance – I wish I would have taken ____ more seriously, it could have benefitted me now. Or if I would have done _____, I could have gone _____. Not that your life is in

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Bold Predictions for the 2022 Season

Bold predictions are used by analysts to make what are typically going to be uncommon or sometimes unpopular predictions for the upcoming season. I’m going to take a crack at this popular article type on sports websites. Some of the predictions are repeating things I said in my previous article (Not So Early 2022 NFL Predictions) but I’m going to repeat them here to give a little more detail and in case you missed the article. continue>

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10 UDFA’s to Watch

Hello! It’s time to meet the Chiefs UDFA class. Post draft gems can be found here, along with guys to fill out the roster. In no particular order, here is a look at 10 UDFA’s the Chiefs have brought in.

Mike Caliendo, OL, Western Michigan. 6’4” 300#. All-MAC Academic team for 4 years. A very accomplished player, and certainly looks like an Andy Reid type of player. Could crack the roste

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Jumping on the Bring Justin Houston Back to KC Train

In Veach I Trust is something I mutter to myself every offseason. I continue to hype myself for various free agents only to watch them sign with another team. I’m not in the room with the Chiefs scouting department or completely understand their thought process, but every year I will convince myself of various free agents that I think can make a difference. Right now that difference maker is an old friend Defensive End Justin Houston.

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Best Free Agent Fits

Hello Chiefs Fans! I have whipped up a roster grid, and by my math I have forty-three locks to make this team. 20 offensive players, 21 defensive players, and 3 specialists. The most glaring deficiency. and it is not even close, is DT & DE.

Here is my best guess at roster locks on the D-Line for opening night at Arizona:

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Not So Early 2022 NFL Predictions

Shortly after the Super Bowl, I wrote an article predicting the 2022 season with a mock offseason. I had the Chiefs beating the Rams in the Super Bowl. Now that the main waves of free agency and the draft are over, let’s redo it.

To start with

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Chiefs OTAs Are Underway

The third phase of organized team activities (OTAs) are underway for your Kansas City Chiefs as of yesterday. While it’s no doubt exciting for the coaches and players to get back onto the practice field to start implementing the 2022 system, gaining familiarity with new (potential teammates), and getting their football legs back under them, for us on the outside it is still a slower time of the year from a “things to talk about perspective”.

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Roaring ‘22

Patrick Mahomes is this generation’s top QB. He has already accomplished more in his career at age 26 than most QBs. The haters and nay-sayers will say that Mahomes is surrounded by uber-talent and would be nothing without them. This season will be the season to test that. The Chiefs

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Building A Dynasty.

Experience maybe, a little luck here or there, but understanding the fundamentals of building a roster paired with great coaching will always get the job done. In the not so distant past the Chiefs were in a predicament that the franchise had never been in before. That notorious 2011-2012 season that ended in the Chiefs reciving the first overall pick was one to forget.

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Bacon, Egg, and Chiefs : Sunday Mornings in the Kingdom.

Kansas and Missouri have a lot of reasons to not like each other, and for the most part the folks in those 2 states find ways to do just that. Whether it’s essentially starting the Civil War back in the day, or over 100 years of pure, blissful hatred for the opposing University in all sports, Kansans and Missourians certainly have a hard time seeing eye to eye all of the time, if ever. I, myself, am a Missouri Man

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