Roaring ‘22

Patrick Mahomes is this generation’s top QB. He has already accomplished more in his career at age 26 than most QBs. The haters and nay-sayers will say that Mahomes is surrounded by uber-talent and would be nothing without them. This season will be the season to test that. The Chiefs

Building A Dynasty.

Experience maybe, a little luck here or there, but understanding the fundamentals of building a roster paired with great coaching will always get the job done. In the not so distant past the Chiefs were in a predicament that the franchise had never been in before. That notorious 2011-2012 season that ended in the Chiefs reciving the first overall pick was one to forget.

Bacon, Egg, and Chiefs : Sunday Mornings in the Kingdom.

Kansas and Missouri have a lot of reasons to not like each other, and for the most part the folks in those 2 states find ways to do just that. Whether it’s essentially starting the Civil War back in the day, or over 100 years of pure, blissful hatred for the opposing University in all sports, Kansans and Missourians certainly have a hard time seeing eye to eye all of the time, if ever. I, myself, am a Missouri Man

Contract Negotiations with Orlando Brown Jr. Expected to Resume.

Talks of a long-term contract for Orlando Brown are expected to heat up again following the 2022 draft.

Back in March, the Chiefs assigned a non-exclusive franchise tag worth $16,662,000 to Brown. Brown has until July 15 to either agree to play under the one-year tag or negotiate a long-term deal. But, discussions with Brown were Continue>

Bacon, Egg, and Chiefs : Sunday Mornings in the Kingdom.

I don’t have many recurring dreams. You know the dream – you have it like 2-3 times a year maybe? Possibly more in some cases, but it’s almost always at the same place, same general time of year, around the same people? Maybe you’re at a lake house with your friends having a killer time and all of a sudden, dinosaurs are back. Maybe you’re walking along a certain street from your childhood with a friend or family member and you slip and your brain does the terrifying free fall thing, waking up faster than anything else scientifically possible?

2022 Projected Starting Defense

The Chiefs made it known after the AFC Championship game that there were going to be major changes this offseason as we saw the super talented team we have come to know get exposed because of major holes in the roster. Of those holes Corner and Defensive line were the most glaring. After the Tyreek Hill trade it seemed almost as if the Chiefs were in a hole they wouldn’t be able to dig out of. That was until the draft came around and everyone realized why Brett Veach is paid the big bucks. After two absolute steals in the first round in Trent McDuffie and George Karlaftis

Ryan Tannehill, the Anti-Alex Smith.

Ryan Tannehill, the Anti-Alex Smith.

Andy Reid: Alex Smith was the greatest thing to ever happen to Pat Mahomes

Jake White @JakeWhite58

When the Kansas City Chiefs selected QB Patrick Mahomes in 2017 it wasn’t universally celebrated as we know it today. We had incumbent Alex Smith who just came off a season in which we won the AFC West, clinched the 2 seed, but ultimately lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Divisional Round. Although Alex Smith wasn’t necessarily losing games for the Chiefs, Andy Reid and company felt the need to upgrade the position with Patrick Mahomes – a prospect they fell in love with for good reason.