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Dick Vermeil a coach for Canton

Vermeil coached in three different decades and took three different franchises from losing to winning.

After winning the Rose Bowl, as the head coach of UCLA, Vermeil received a coach from the Eagles owner Leanord Tose to become

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Will Isiah Pacheco Be RB2?

Early reports out of training camp have been all about how good Isiah Pacheco looks. Maybe it’s the number 10 jersey but from what I saw at training camp he

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Don’t sleep on the Chiefs

Ever since all the big trades hit the AFC West, all we’ve heard is about how the Chiefs are going to step back. Some analysts have even had the audacity to say the 6 time defending AFC Champs are going to finish dead last in the division and

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LRP of the O-Line and D-Line

Well, one week into camp and so far, no major injuries have been reported or seen by fans. That is a good thing! Patrick Mahomes got his foot stepped on, and Jody Fortson has a quad issue that appears to be minor.Read More

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