The Legion of Zoom 2.0

When the Chiefs got Patrick Mahomes his new toys on offense the year he became the starter, the Chiefs gained the nickname “The Legion of Zoom”, a reference to the players’ speed on the team. While some members of the Legion of Zoom have left Read More>

Setting the Lines

With all the turnover this past year, today we will take a look at stat projections for the key players on offense.
As you know it begins and ends with Patrick Mahomes. In four years as a starter, he averages a whopping 4,677 yards and 37.75 touchdowns. With the loss of Tyreek Hill, it is conceivable there is a slight drop off, but I do not see it. Official Prediction for Mahomes: 4500 yards, 35 touchdowns, and 9 INT.
Travis Kelce. To put it bluntly, he is Read More>

Best Division in the NFL

The NFL is far different than college football. In college football, you know the SEC, the Big Ten, and the ACC will have a powerhouse team. In the NFL, with free agency, the draft, and retirements being a factor, last year’s hardest division could be next year’s weakest. So I will give my honest opinion and rank all 8 divisions in the NFL and explain why some are weak, and some are incredibly strong. Read More>

Bold Predictions for the 2022 Season

Bold predictions are used by analysts to make what are typically going to be uncommon or sometimes unpopular predictions for the upcoming season. I’m going to take a crack at this popular article type on sports websites. Some of the predictions are repeating things I said in my previous article (Not So Early 2022 NFL Predictions) but I’m going to repeat them here to give a little more detail and in case you missed the article. continue>

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver one.

The recent trade of Tyreek Hill has left the Chiefs in an interesting position entering the final stages of free agency and the start of the NFL draft. While the Chiefs did well to upgrade their second and third options at wide receiver with JuJu Smith-Schuster and MVS, having a top 10 wide receiver room is a must to be able to make it to the big game. As we saw last year with the Bengals and Rams who had two of the top wide receiver rooms in the league. Offenses tend to do much better when they have multiple top tier wide receivers on the field at the same time. Without Tyreek, it is now going to be a top priority to either trade, draft, or sign a guy who can come in and try and replicate the numbers Tyreek

Wild and Crazy Offseason Part II

Wild and Crazy Offseason Part II

This isn’t a cheesy unnecessary sequel to a movie. Right before free agency, I wrote about how crazy the offseason had already been. Little did I know, how much crazier it was about to get. A lot more crazy things happened after we published the first part of this article.

One of the first things I mentioned last time around was Tom Brady and Ben Roethlisberger’s retirements. Well, SURPRISE!

The Draft is upon us.

With the 2022 draft set to be in Las Vegas from the 28th-30th it is once again time for franchises to make huge decisions on what their future rosters will look like. Regardless of your opinion on the Tyreek Hill trade, it sets up the Chiefs to have 12 picks which ties for the most in the league along with the Jaguars. With that much young talent coming in soon, it becomes hard to wait and see who the Chiefs are going to pick. That means it is time for a three round mock draft that will show what the Chiefs may do with their first 6 picks.
(Round 1, Pick 29) (WR) Treylon Burks, Arkansas

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